Monday, the Return.

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Weekend went past faster than I could track. I was feeling really poorly on Friday, so after the doc, I went home and crashed out.  Spring was really in the air, though, so the flowers were starting to bloom. I couldn't resist stopping to admire some of the first flowers of the season.

I go back to the doc in another week - hopefully I'll have the meds down so I'm not as sick as I am now, soon. I also discovered weatherspark - (I set up Interactive weather graphs for North Beach, MD, 20714, USA.

Saturday - Chores, did a little fallout 3, BHK ,the in-laws and I went out for a late meal.  We ate a little hummus and felafel at the pizza joint between our house and Annapolis - not bad, but they got our order wrong - I got tomatoes on my hummus, and Larry got cheese on his hamburger.

Sunday - we got up early to make an exodus to Savage Mill so BHK and our gang could hit the the yarn party (primarily BHK's thing, though I had a nice time too. She got loads of loot that she'll no doubt post to her ravelry page. :)

Also at the mill was The Family Game Store - Robin was a very helpful host - Games  obtained - Gore Years expansion for Chrononauts, Mr. Jack Pocket, and Qwirkle Cubes. (Not to mention a renewed love of Cheapass Games. ) They have a *lot* more items in stock than are listed on the website, and many are open and playable - I really like the place - it's family run, and they appear to know their stuff!

The  Curmudgeon Bookseller,  on the other hand could've used a lot more help with displays. It was a pretty standard collection of older books - I think that anything I'd have purchased there would have been a happy accident, rather than by an active search.

Whatchamacallit - Bleh... overpriced café-style shop at Savage Mill. The restaurant specializes in breakfast, light foods and baked goods. Bagels, hot and cold sandwiches, salads, toast, pies and cookies are all on offer here, but at $1.30 for a diet coke in the can, I was happy to head to Piece A Pizza

Ended on a happy note at Piece A Pizza. Mozzarella / Basil / Roma Tomato pie was good, and the white pizza was also excellent. Cookies are great, but 4 for$5

Polished off the day at Cosmic Comics & Toys (While BHK went to Cloverhill Yarn for a little more textile fun) , sadly, about 5 minutes before they were due to close.

I was a bit put off by the Christian rock on the speakers... and the relatively cool reception I received, given how nice the other guy was the last time I visited. I'm going to chalk it up to him being antsy to go home, but I didn't really feel very welcome this time. I'll be back, but we'll see If I return for a fourth time.  When met with a friendly smile, I dropped a nice pocket of cash - this time, I left quickly, without making a purchase.

We got home ok - though I think the sheer amount of time out and about wore me to a nubbin.

Today - Lots of running around and putting out fires. (or, a typical Monday.) Now that the dust has settled and I'm heading home, I thin I may hit the hay early, just to get my energy back up for tomorrow.

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10,813 – Wednesday

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Happy Midweek and Midmonth, Dear Journal. Another day, another 2¢.

Glad to be on the rails home.  I'm chilly and tired, happy to be snuggled up in my homemade scarf. I'm feeling pretty good, though I am more than a little hungry... ready for dinner, for sure.

I was chasing phantoms much of the day today - phone meetings, web searches and inventory taking up the bulk of it. All of it useful, but very time-consuming.  I've got more than a few meetings tomorrow morning, too - I have one user that is very itchy to get his version software in place - I get to teach him about repositories and more to the point, branching/merging. Ideally, this won't be too much of a challenge, but I need to keep things focused and helpful.

Drunk Octopus wants to fight you, but I think you're AOK.

Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You

Ah well.. I'm going to get back to reading my documentation - until later, dear journal!

On a semi-tangible tangent - I've got a feast of goodies landing on my PS3 and PC lately. Not sure when I'll have time to play it all!

  • Beta for Little Big Planet 2
  • Beta for DC Universe Online
  • Sam & Max - Free! :)
  • Osmos
  • Revenge of the Titans HIB
  • Braid
  • Cortex Command

The last 4 are via the humble bundle 2 - I got one for me, and another for Shaun W as Double-win Christmas Presents - Proceeds go to charity, and we get games!

Now playing: Irving Berlin - Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)

Current Location: Red line Silver Spring to Fort Totten / Green line to Suitland / Love Cube to Home

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Dec. 11th, 2010

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Now playing: Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers

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monday, monday

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longer day than expected, though shorter than it might`ve been. i had a productive day... finally got some issues ironed out that had needed doing since before I started there.

the red line driver is in full tourist mode- speaking like a conductor from sometime during the turn of the century.

hopping on the ft totten soon - everyone aboard is just a bit moistened by the misting rain and oppressive humidity.

not sure how well formatted this entry will be, dear journal - entering it on the phone from the mobile website.

arrived at fort totten - has the distinct aroma of sweat and maybe corn chips. many people with bikes getting on the green line headed to greenbelt.

got psyched out by a no passender blowby that turned into a yellow line. green is far in the future at 5 min away.

gently going forward `cause i can`t find reverse

muscles and bones - skin and hair... so many types of people in so many combinations... i marvel a bit that there was a time that I`d never seen people that spoke another language, or had eyes that weren`t blue.

i still wonder about "everyone has a double"... i`ve been confused for someone else on several occasions, and i am a pretty distinct person... or is it because i`m not of average height or weight that people assign fewer details to me or my doubles?

i`m dang hungry.

one of my coworkers was mugged by his cab driver on friday night - he stopped at an atm to pay and the driver got greedy. it seems. you`ve got to wonder if the cab company is liable? he filed a police report - lacerated and broken ribs.

bhk made tasty oatmeal cookies with chovco chips last night... made a good snack while playing poker with graypumpkin & katt in red dead redemption.

i brought a plate of `em to mr wood next door... he was in the hospital for a week with a collapsed lung... it has since been reinflated and he`s able to walk without oxygen.

since i started working, i haven`t seen too much of chis and mandy... we`re overdue a game night. maybe sometime when van or shawnw is visiting we csn do a little poker or morris. (or kings table?)

today, my brother turns 38. i haven`t heard much from or about him lately.. most news from mom is about her granddaughter these days, though bhk has my mom knitting again.,

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Adam won Can't Stop today, Chris, BHK and Adam had lots of margaritas... Larry and I prefer our artificial green-yellow fluid in the form of diet mountain dew. Watched spinal tap, and relaxed most of the day.

Adam and I tied for victory in Pop-up storybook, after a trip to dunkin donuts.

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Spent the bulk of today resting, playing a little Red Dead Redemption, doing chores, and prepping for Adam's arrival and birthday tomorrow.

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10-die poker rules

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10-Die Poker

By James Ernest and Joshua Howard

Players: 4-7

Equipment: 10 six-sided dice for each player in two colors (These rules assume Red and White), and some Poker Chips. To play $1.00 ante, as described below, players should start with at least $40.

To Begin: Each player antes $1.00.

Rolling your Hand: Each player rolls his starting hand as follows: Your dice are always locked in pairs, one red and one white, so you can't just roll all your dice at once. Instead, you roll five pairs of dice, one pair at a time.

Arrange your dice so that there is a clear Red and White hand. It is helpful to put the better hand on top, so you can more easily compare hands with the other players.

The Value of Hands: The Hands in 10-Die Poker are the same as those in Poker, except that there is no Flush. The rank of Hands, from lowest to highest, is: High Die, Pair, 2 Pair, 3 of a Kind, Straight, Full House, 4 of a Kind, 5 of a Kind.

The value of your whole hand is always equal to the better of your two sets of dice. For example, if your Red hand is a pair, but your White hand is a straight, you have a straight. If two players have identical high hands, they compare low hands. If both hands match, which is very rare, those players are tied.

Challenges: The best hand is the "leader." The worst hand now becomes active, and may elect to either fold, or challenge the leader.

If you fold, you are out of this round, just like in Poker. If you challenge, it costs you an amount equal to half the pot, rounding up. So for example, if there is $5 in the pot, it costs $3 to challenge. This brings the Pot to $8, making the next challenge cost $4.

If you challenge, you may re-roll some or all of your pairs of dice. You must pick up all these pairs before you roll any of them; you can't decide piece by piece. And you must roll both dice in each pair, not just one or the other.

If your new hand beats the leader, you become the new leader. If not, you have lost and you drop out.

Winning: This process continues, with the low hand always challenging the high hand, until everyone either fails a challenge or folds. Then the survivor takes the Pot.

Tied Hands: If two players are tied for high, they split the pot. If two players are tied for low, they must choose randomly which one of them will challenge (or fold) first.

Ending the Game: Like Poker, this game is continuous and cyclical. Any player may enter or leave the game after any round. If you finish with more money than you started with, you're winning.

Strategy: A Straight probably isn't going to win the game, and it's a very tough hand to improve. When deciding whether to challenge, be aware of the dice in both hands. If you have a decent hand on both halves of the pairs you are keeping, your chances of beating the leader are pretty good. Otherwise, think twice. Also, be sure to note the chances of the leader coming back to beat you, even if you do win the challenge.

Games - for my future reference

icehouse pyramids - one over
Mental note - small, boxed 2-player games to look for at the dollar store - We already got Balloon Cup (which is a hoot), Kahuna (which is fun, though BHK whomps me at it all the time) and Crocodile Pool Party (which we haven't played yet)

Now playing: Bay City Rollers - It's a Game

cover photos -

Cover Photos

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10312 - Saturday

boot hill

minor doodles - been playing a lot of red dead redemption-  most of yesterday, in fact. I love it - great music, fantastic mood and imagery,  keen multiplayer, and the solo missions are great. The mini-games are not my fave, but I like the characters a lot.

Newton and Pyewacket are being good guys today, too.

Dr Who "dream lord" episode was a bit weak - however, I am loathe to admit that I liked the Funk episode of Glee, though maybe despite itself.

Now playing: Ennio Morricone - Police

10277 - wednesday

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Spent the bulk of the day doing job searches, messaging my sore knee, and taking a little time out to play some Uncharted 2 during lunch of leftover pizza.

Trophies - Novice Fortune Hunter (Bronze) Find 20 treasures 100 Headshots (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies with h...eadshots 50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm (Bronze) Defeat 50 enemies with the 92FS - 9mm 70 Kills: M4 (Bronze) Defeat 70 enemies with the M4 30 Kills: Mk-NDI (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with Mk-NDI grenades Triple Dyno-Might! (Bronze) Defeat three enemies with one explosion

BHK was out giving ChNaca some merchandising advice - I think it'll build up the business there. The store is awesome, and we want to help it to thrive! She also picked up some sock yarn for me - she'll be knitting me a pair of size 15 foot-covers soon!

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