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Animated tesselations (those MC Escher interlocking-frog-fish-people things) from Japan. (found at boingboing)

I could watch these for ages. I wouldn't mind this as a background image for a side-bar.... I bet sweetalyssm or bohemianqueen would dig 'em.

or maybe I'm just sleepy.

I also like these z-cardz thingies... they look cheap and fun for all ages. They'd be great for tabletop gaming props, too, I bet. Very Calvin and Hobbes... dinosaurs and jet planes. $2.50 for a pack of five. Just right! styles out now

Morikami (one of my fave places to skip high school) redid the website... one day I'm going to head back there, and walk the gardens (holding hands with my sweeite), take all sorts of pictures...rest in the shade with koi swimming nearby, have a little picnic. MmMmM... good dream fodder.

Ok, bedtime for Scotto and the Newt.

Sweet Dreams, dear journal.

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