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Give the Gift of Moo

Wired.com reports: (supplemental links by me)
Fourteen cows were given to the people of the United States this week by members of a Masai tribe who live in a remote village near Kenya's border with Tanzania. The tribe sent the cows -- the most precious gift they can give -- to help America recover from the terrorist attacks nearly nine months ago.

Hot diggity, that's cool. There's a website where us 'mericans can express our thanks, although I wonder how the Masai would get to it.

Masai are a fascinating people... one of the cultures I've been interested in for a little span now.

How can a person stay annoyed when there’s a Newtie in the house? :) I just spent a few minutes chasing him around here, and being chased in return. good for the circulation and giggles are good for the soul. Sweeping him up and nibbling on Newt-ears is just the thing to bring a smile on... that and my sweetheart. I just look into my heart and see her there... a warmth and strength rallies me to good cheer.

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