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Some element of my friends page is killing my image loading. it propagates to other spawned explorer pages, until I close explorer and reopen it. I think someone on found objects is using printroom, and my security settings forbid it's style of unverified cookie... causing that stoppage to result. Weird... it's making the viewing of my page quite a pain in the patoot... I'm debating loosening security, or making a "non-photo community filter" to make things go more gently.

HONEY VANILLA CHAMOMILE tofutti is a delight. I'm glad I ventured to get it. Hooray for Locust bean! Guar Gum!

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    Mon, 12:47: Sisto shows the cool tree fungi found by @ maximillian_deersteak in a very quick video. #swampwalk #fungus #mushrooms #sisto

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    Sun, 13:30: RT @ rhipratchett: This is horrifying. My father would most definitely not be a GC if he was still alive. Read. The. Books.…

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    Sun, 02:47: It all started when... ​Max Fleischer was working as the Art Editor for Popular Science Magazine when, in 1915, he filed a patent…

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