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A jolly roger, Newt on my head, a sick computer, and a man lost in a manhole, or rift in space. I look like I have stumps for arms there. Newt and I agree on *something*... "Mer!" "Yeah!" but Newtie's upset, with a poofy-tail, and I seem more calm.Good Morning, Dear Journal!

Random doodle picture from Yesterday's trip home. I was tired. I don't know what it means.

Dreamt last night that I was fighting some guy in a mock up of an arena, surrounded by onlookers. He was vaguely defined.. I knew that he was a bad guy, though... and needed a good trouncing. I was wearing my Superman boxer shorts, white T-shirt and brown socks...My Sweetie was in the audience holding the Kitties, and somehow I knew that Superman himself was out there, too. I don't remember who won or lost, but I didn't get any superpowers or anything and the fight was bare knuckles... the framing element is all that I recall. I *really* have no idea why I was wearing brown socks.

Interesting coincidence? Not really irony. Dork Tower on Web Logging

Illuminated manuscripts (miniatures) from the 12th to 16th centuries

Reflecting on my sweetheart and henna tattoos. I'm smiling... got good reviews on Treasure Planet.. Kev went to see it last weekend, and was quite impressed. I'll probably go catch it over holiday weekend sometime. I also want to hit IMAX to see the Ancient Egypt Documentary...(Speaking of Which...Ark of the Covenant: in Ethiopia? )

The Martian and the Moron.... from here. People I deal with frequently fall into one of the three categories of Martian, Moron, and Devil Puppeteer.

It looks like my brother and I will be going to mom's for thanksgiving, but I'm not planning to stay for very long. Just long enough to be sociable, and then head on homeski.

Newt was a sweetie-boy this morning... he woke me up at sunrise as normal, but instead of wanting to run around and play, we had more muted "attack the hand hiding under the blanket, and run when it fights back" sort of morning. He woke me with a nose in my right tear duct this morning rather than his patty-pats. Just in a cuddly mood. Nothing wrong with that.

Newt chillin' out on the top of the computer.
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