Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,


looks like I get to stay late to ensure I have Friday off. and even that's not etched in stone yet. hm. Well, I gues I can show Kev how things are to be done, if worst comes to worst.

woo. looking at the speed here... I'll probably be here until midnight. fine by me, friday will just be a comp day then, instead of a vacation day. :) A taco bell night. Joel's out and picking it up, so that's cool. (I'm pretty broke until payday, TB or nothing these days)

Hooking up with Ray on Saturday, hitting the movies or comic book store... the first time I've seen him in a little while. I wonder if he and my younger brother would get along...

anyhoo, back to work. human is needed.
Tags: gaming, health, work

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