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Thank You latraviata for the lovely handmade card, and duchess_webb for the swell e-card!

Today at work...the normal camera overdose.

Mirror-cam... cropped and sharpened... may need to be reshot. I look better in fabio-mode...plus, I mighty tired.

Emergency Exit instructions. Too many words!!

Cute little girl on the bus... it must be that neighborhood.

Erica discovers that I have a palm cam. She visited for lunch today.

Bheesham didn't know about the camera... he's just a goof.

Calling Mike-o back tonight once he returns from Coral Springs. He's got something lined up for me that looks good. Tuan's over where Mike is, too. (Jesus - "Hay-Zeus" was also there, but I hear his temper got him toasted.) It'd be fun to play pygmy dart death hunt and visit with them again.

Dropped photo challenge. it's not what I was looking for in the community.

Arranged for part two of operation "Valentine Goodness" for my sweetie to be timed right. :)

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