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Random brain belch

Somehow, I knew it.

You are Quinn. The true brains of Sealab, 6
doctorate degrees doesn't keep you from getting
hurt often enough. However, your PhD in sex-
ology is well deserved.

Which Sealab 2021 character are you?
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I am

Everyone loves pi


what number are you?

this quiz by orsa

I woke up this morning with the theme to "The Streets of San Francisco" on my mind, but I don't remember the dreams much from last night.

Random Scotto Factoid: Sometimes I have a flashback to my previous night's dream in the middle of the day, usually if I'm in a free-form associative state. (Which is often) I think it's an aspect of some of my dreams going in sequence, and a daydream finds a hook to continue to run with it.

A little research shows that the next airing of the show near me is on the Hallmark channel, Sunday at 3pm... D'oh. I missed it by 18 hours. Now I get to wait a week-ish.

"Timelock", Episode #10.
Stone helps a convict who is accused of murder while on a 36-hour pass from prison; guests Peter Strauss, Bernie Casey.

Cast: Karl Malden, Michael Douglas, Peter Strauss, Bernie Casey, Elaine Giftos, Scott Walker, Paul Marin, Felice Orlandi, Booth Colman, Dan Ferrone.
Producer(s): Quinn Martin.

Original Airdate: November 11, 1972.

oh, these are super cool. I wonder how much they cost? Making 'em would be cheap as all get out.

The Mormons are advertising heavily on Nick at nite lately. Interesting group to focus on.

Hungry baby has a challenger... the 9-mouthed baby Feed me chips!

A little irony that Captain Hook's Name was Hook even before he lost his hand.

The term is PITH and vinegar. Strength or toughness... not urine.

Had a good time this weekend, chasing Newt around the apartment and relaxing in general. Played the recorder a bit. Read a lot. Tinkered and puttered with random hardware and software. Spent a good deal of time in not so uffish thought. Pleasantly daydreamed about my sweetheart and Valentine’s Day. *Happy sigh*

I have to call my contacts today once I get to work, and send off phase three of Operation: Valentine.

Best saying heard today on the net-radio this morning. "Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!"

Time to head out. Until later, Dear Journal.

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