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Waiting for the ride home... friends only post. Don't spread it around, eh?

2/10/03 8:08 pm

Poor Sappho was out with back trouble today... hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. I can sympathize with her distress. Island Boy spent most of his day in engineering trying to get XP stuck into Kev's machine, (He and Sappho both have been making said attempt all week) but the foul device will have none of it. Kev's settling for the superior, but less appearing win2k. Strange that the installation was so abortive, since it was on for nearly a year before his HD took a dump. Side note, the machine was put together by Astley, the Cayman CPU Killer, the same clown responsible for my old PC troubles.

Better tie that hair up, boy!I spoke with John about the position this afternoon and he seems interested. 9am meeting with him tomorrow morning. About a half mile south from where I currently work. Not sure how I'll deal with a 9-5 schedule after so long a span on the night shift. My last schedule was 4-midnight. I think the last regular for me was '98.

Interview shoes tomorrow. First shoe-covered toes in many months, possibly longer. Ponytail, no necktie. Unsure about clothing yet. Lucky Newt-whisker and love-note (envelope) corner as material representations of support. (I carry 'em always, anyway.)

Hoping for better pay and benefits. Quite likely. Still would dig something for the government... Lots of resumes launched. Bound to be victorious soon.

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