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I got me the jobski!

Talkin' to mah sweetie tonight... yum.

Quick update while she's taking care of some bid-ness. menstrualhut is over 900 members!

Better Salary than I'd anticipated, the commute wasn't so bad. If it was raining, I might feel otherwise. (I have to walk 5 blocks to the building from the bus stop) Good medical benefits. Looks like Tuan, Hoi’s younger brother at my old job, will replace me. Good call... Familiar with the work and team, gets along well with the gang. Sappho will like him.

Without further ado, Today's pictures.

Walking to the bus stop...
Construction scaffolding over the sidewalk. You can just make out the detour / federal highway North South signs in the next picture.
Closer up. So much going on in the area down the street from my house. Construction put the kybosh on where I normally get the RT 10 north. I like that I got the puddle jumping action of the man. This pic looks like the citiest of the cities.

More piccies from the day.

Bus Station, heading to work.
Sitting on stairs is strictly prohibited. (b/w to show what it looks like on the palm)
I don't know why sitting on the stairs is so prohibited... nobody *ever* uses them when I'm around. It's a one story station.

At The Offices
Nordis Lobby. I'm now going to have to wear a badge, and carry a security fob to open doors. I wonder if my palm cam is very much against company policy?

Train ride home
Waiting at Pompano Station... tiny little substation. Just a manned security booth, now that the ticket machines are automated.
Pretty full, but no standing folk aside from myself. The train is very roomy. Reminds me of a Disney tram... so very clean.
Emergency exit instructions from the train. Maybe a little arcane to read right during an emergency.

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