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#6290 Gollum sings, wacky food, Time to reschedule for on call, local events

I have to schedule the techs for calls during the coming Christmas and New Years holiday. I'm not sure who I want to assign... I figure I'll take one, and one will go to CS. I wonder which day will be busiest... I'd rather take the thicker day, and let him deal with the lighter, until he and I are both more confident in his skills.

Spent a long and wonderful time at the Institute of Official Cheer. The yearly Thanksgiving perusal of scary food from yesteryear, as well as other vintage weirdness had me in stitches for hours. Between the classic photos and commentary, I don't know how anyone can't get enjoyment out of the place.

Gollum Rap - I may've linked to this before, but it's making the rounds, and I figure I'll toss it up here for at least Danny and his Class to see. Ugh, I confused Oghor-hai with Olog-hai and Uruk-hai. What kind of Tolkien fan am I? A confused one, is all. Thank goodness for the Encyclopedia of Arda. (I'm considering a run of my "super-site-siphon" on it, just so I can have a local copy for the future.)Site Meter

In local news, I'd like to try this out, but I don' t know if I can get a teammate or two to come along:

The pursuit of art often ends with the pursuer finding something he would like to buy but can't because his money has already been spent on rent, car payments and other pricey necessities. Money is no object, however, at this third annual search along the streets and cubbyholes of Himmarshee Village, where aesthetes will keep the art they find and not have to pay for it. Presented by artist Steve Sticht, the hunt begins at Tavern 213 with maps being handed out to each contestant. From there, follow the clues to works by Sticht, Juliana Forero, Francesco LoCastro, Skot Olsen, Pablo Serrano, Jill Weisberg and many more. Scavengers are limited to two pieces, which, once found, are to be taken back to Tavern 213, where the artists will sign them. Also, participants may need tools to obtain the art, some of which is fragile.

Location: Tavern 213, 213 S.W. Second St., Fort Lauderdale

Time: 8 p.m. Saturday, 11/29/03

Cost: Free

Contact: 954/463-6213
Anyone want to come?

Note to self, maybe during the above, check out Disassociated Books, a tiny shop tucked between an adult video store and a tattoo parlor (Babylon) south of Searstown on Federal Highway. I've been hearing good things about it.

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