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Newt's really digging his new toy.. he's taken to walking it around the apartment. I wonder how much of that behavior is instinct, and how much is learned... I've had him since he was three weeks old... I know he never learned the "death shake" from his birth-mom... but toting things around by mouth is something he's done since he was 1/16 his current mass.

Why is pork shoulder called "butt"? I'd think the rump would be more appropriate.


Male nipple removal, odd body modification - warning: this is pretty gross. Oh, the things you can see on LJ.

Pets With Their Heads In Bags of Food

Penguins have extraordinary pooing powers, according to a team of scientists from a German university.

They went to the Antarctic to study the creatures, and found they shoot their poo 38 centimeters from their nests.

The scientists worked out the penguins' poo comes out at more than four times the force a human can manage.

It might seem pretty gross, but the penguins are doing it to be clean. They don't want their poo to mess up their feathers or nests, the scientists said.

However, further research has revealed that penguins are not the super poopers of the animal kingdom.

The caterpillar of the silver-spotted skipper butterfly can shoot its poo 1.2 meters (4ft).

That's the same as humans firing their poo a massive 76m (250ft).

In William Mayne's The Jersey Shore, there's this passage - the inhabitants of a coastal fenland town have been disturbed by voices calling from the sea:
At night it seemed there was a light far out to sea, and the bailiff of the estate came down to the village and said a fire was to be made on the sea wall. There was a difference of opinion about this, with men going from house to house and taking one side and another, and waking and crying from being frightened all day by voices, and hearing threats by night and quarreling. But the bailiff was firm, and wood had to be brought and a fire laid on the parish wall. By the time it was done the light at sea had begun to fade and with it there faded the voices.

The villagers stood around their fire until the mist lightened without thinning, and they went home through a frosted stillness. There were no more voices. By that night the mist lifted, that had hidden the distressed mortals or immortals, but there was nothing to be seen . . .

In the middle of that [next] night, in a close darkness, the man came from the sea. He walked in among the houses dragging a chain and calling out in his own words, that meant nothing to anyone there. He was naked, and his eyes glittered in the light that was brought towards him. He bowed himself down and the long chain rattled again. One end was at an ankle, another at a wrist, and from a middle link another length ran to a bolt that was driven into a wooden beam, but the beam had been burnt away, and that had been in the fire at sea.

He was locked into the church all night, under the tower, and in the morning came out trembling and jangling his chain, as naked as he went in, unashamed, strong, smiling and courteous. The priest came and tried a prayer on him in church Latin, but it was nothing to him. He had a different religion. When the sun came up over the sea wall he bowed himself to that and knelt, stretching out his arms, a shining dark man, expecting to be killed.

Yahoo closes Scandinavia operations

COPENHAGEN (AFP) - The US Internet portal giant Yahoo! will pull out of Scandinavia at the end of the month, closing its Nordic branch in Copenhagen which covers Norway and Sweden in addition to Denmark, a company employee said.

The employee, contacted by AFP, could not provide details, but the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten's website reported Thursday that the unit would be shut down at the end of January and all 20 employees would be laid off.

The paper reported that Yahoo! decided to leave Scandinavia because it was losing money there.

According to the company's earnings report for 2002 (its last full year report), the Danish branch posted a loss of 21 million kroner (3.6 million dollars, 2.8 million euros) -- double its loss the year before. Site Meter

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