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6511 Morning Miscellany

I need to get a travel crate for Newt... or at least a not-so-Newtie beat-up cardboard box to take him n to the doc on Saturday.

This morning, I get to teach the baby-techs how to use the sat-mapping system. 20 minutes for everyone, and an additional half hour for folks that will actually be on call, and Big Kahuna.(who takes call very rarely now, but still needs to be up on her technology.) In order to get around the $600 a seat lisence that dials in every time you use it, Techs now have a community laptop to use, and take home on the night they're on call. I wonder how long it'll be before one breaks it, and tries to pass blame on to another? I suspect we may have to have a diagnostic every time it changes hands, just to have a "CYA" situation.

Friday workday, end soon. Let the weekend begin, and extend to a realm of comfort.

UPS keeps trying to deliver my TENS unit when I'm not in... I've got one more try, and then I'll have to go get it at pickup point. bah.

Just got my next payment for my sponsored linkies... That's always a welcome email.

Heads up, you heathen monkeys! AIEEE! *Barrel toss* - A brief Race Bannon moment.

I'm getting cohorts to check soda lids for Itunes, too. I currently have another two codes.

Anyone who wants a free itunes mp3, ask away, and I'll send the code to you via email. Nothing like totally legit music downloads for free, is there?

Thanks to juliabee for pointing my eyeballs to this entry about how lj is going to booby-bop the blogspam. Thanks lj_maintenance!

I really don't have a big problem with serial adders per se, but it would be nice to shake off the old briar-journals that still exist, but that the owner has seemingly left long abandoned. I *do* like the "goatvote" concept... leaving links to arguments pro-con a given concept, for management to evaluate... better than just a yes/no gig. From the entry -
"we're not seeing how many votes each position can get. Our final decision won't be based on the position with the highest votes. Rather, we want everybody who cares about this issue to go recommend what position statements we should read (possibly one of your own) and we'll consider the best arguments for each position before making our final decision (or possibly putting up another GoatVote with revised options)."
I personally think that hiding the "friends of" list is good enough for instances of folks that don't want to be associated with any ol' person that adds 'em.Site Meter

Happy Kitty with 7 ears.

Cool thing about GrayPumpkin... he remembers incidental music from classic TV very well. Gilligan's Island, Star Trek, I Dream of Jeannie and The Saint all have really great flow background themes as well as the main tune. Game Show countdown timer music is pretty keen, too.

Dang... Clown Sweater gets around.

The Printed Ephemera collection at the Library of Congress is a rich repository of Americana. In total, the collection comprises 28,000 primary-source items dating from the seventeenth century to the present and encompasses key events and eras in American history.

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