Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

6712 I miss Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and, Snork.

Newt is way too fond of Pounce Treats. If he sees the bag, to any silver pouch, he'll stand by it and mer at me until I give him some, or put the bag away.


Thank you. Site Meter

Someone's batteries are going to go dead, if it keeps up too long.

I spent This morning drifting in and out of wakefulness... just waking up long enough to answer calls and then falling back to sweet slumber afterward. I dreamt that my brother was zombie-esque, shambling around my apartment, but not trying to get inside.. he was just sort of shuffling in that slow gait of old-style living dead, and he looked bruised, but not green-gray of decomposed matter yet. I was debating inside my apartment whether I should burn him with a torch or just call public safety. The scene changed before I came to a decision, though I think that I would've went with burning the brother as monster myself, mostly because I don't trust the "city's protectors" lately.

I've interacted with a lot of police, and can honestly say that in my experience, Fort Lauderdale in particular are second only to Miami's corruption and laziness factor. Other cities may have a less-educated crew, but I can't say as I've worked with any that were less honest or more unwilling to do work.

Worst Professor's Name Yet - via Whimsy, who has a cool mom. (The Mamma plays Toontown, and gets a kick from City of Heroes. My Mother is more of a Microsoft Office user.)

USB adapters & DIY antenna = "Poor Man's WiFi" ? Line of sight range from 3-5km? I'm happy to fiddle. (via sammykun)

Rhode Island didn't like my pointing out "priorities" to her on Friday. She was clucking about how I go out to lunch every day, and how it must cost me a ton of money. My reply was that dining out at midday costs me less than the two packs of smokes she puffs away daily, and is far better for my health both lungwise, and to get out of the office once in a while.

She got very miffed at that observation... Oh well, glass houses and rocks, etc.

Excellent Music Similarity search engine: MusicPlasma. Visually very pleasing, and it helped me to locate Mono Puff (Based on a link between Ralph's World and They Might Be Giants)

Interesting how close The Cure is to the B-52's and TMBG, I'll have to read up on the color coding and sizes.

As a noir fan and an old time radio buff, I was surprised to discover a series from the fifties, based on Harry Lime, from The Third Man.... portrayed by Orson Welles himself, no less. I've since added all 52 episodes to my download queue. I've been a huge fan of the film since my brother and I went to see it on the big screen at the Gateway Theater. Welles makes a far better Lime than the Shadow...and he's the definitive Shadow.

current music: At The Bottom of the Sea - Ralph Covert

At the bottom of the sea, where the mermaids murmur,
You’ll find me at the bottom of the sea
At the bottom of the sea, where the crabs walk backwards
That’s where I’ll be, at the bottom of the sea

And I’m gonna swim swimma swim swim swimma swim swim swim
To the bottom of the sea

At the bottom of the sea, where the dogfish woof-glub
and the catfish meow-glub, that’s where I’ll be
At the bottom of the sea where the fish all glub-glub
You don’t need a bath-tub to get yourself clean

And I’m gonna swim swimma swim swim swimma swim swim swim
To the bottom of the sea

I’ll be an underwater cowboy riding on my seahorse
Rounding up the seacows, of course

At the bottom of the sea there’s a Spanish galleon
And sunken treasure is all around
Me and my octopus play with our swordfish
And we play pirate games all day long

And I’m gonna swim swimma swim swim swimma swim swim swim
To the bottom of the sea

current mood: TOYCA!, also Flipping like a pancake, popping like a cork.

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