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6813 - Audio-visual day

Two Videos of me talking to Newt this morning.

On the Workbench - 500k quicktime - includes a Newt - Mer!

Attack from Above! - 850k quicktime

The second one has my "sinister, yawny just woken up voice / monster-thing", and the first has my "talk in a high voice because Newt's a babyhead" thing going on.

Strongsad has a new Journal Entry.

Magical Trevor is Stuck in my Head!

The Lyrics -

Everyone loves Magical Trevor
because the tricks that he does are ever so clever
look at him now, disappearing a cow

Where is the cow, hidden right now?

Taking a bow, it's Magical Trevor,
Everybody's seen that the trick is clever

Look at him there with his leathery, leathery whip
it's made of magic
and with a little flip

yeah yeah yeah

the cow is back

yeah yeah yeah

the cow is back

back back

back from his magical journey-yeah

What did you see in the parallel dimension?

Saw beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, lots of beans,

Saw beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, lots of beans yeah, yeah.

A pop hit if I ever heard one.

From the guy that brought you the equally mind-stickable Scampi, Kenya, and that way overplayed Badgers thing. (I sort of dig the Two Towers remix, though.) I first learned about this with the Wesley Willis Merry Christmas 'toon.

Mentalist, for when I don't want to kick things - Wishful Thinker

Ouch! I'm glad I didn't see that accident. I wonder who threw the car?

Fighting a Spirit Mask - Pre Kick, Fortunately, Whims had me sidekicked.

Post - Kick - The Evil Spirit didn't have a chance.

Another Mask, fighting in Chameleon Mode, dessicated zombie husk already out of action

Pseudo-self portrait, hero-optimized. There's a long ponytail in the back.
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