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7021 - Pervs and PSAs

FDLE’s Computer Crime Center (FC3) with the assistance of the Tallahassee Police Department capped a monthlong investigation with the arrest of Jonathan Stettler, 25, of Tallahassee on Nov. 22. Stettler, a state employee, was charged with one count of computer pornography.

The investigation was initiated after the Green Cove Springs Police Department received a tip. Working from this tip, an undercover FDLE agent posing as the father of a 14-year-old boy communicated online with Stettler who expressed a desire to sexually exploit the child. Three weeks ago, Stettler was followed to a local hotel where he expected to meet the father and son. Stettler left the location, however, prior to making contact with the undercover agent.

Two weeks ago, Stettler began communicating again with the undercover agent who at this time was posing as a different 14-year-old boy. Once again, Stettler indicated a desire to personally meet and sexually exploit the boy.

After communicating several times with the undercover agent, Stettler agreed to meet who he thought was the 14-year-old boy on Monday afternoon at an apartment complex on Tharpe Street. Following his arrival, Stettler was taken into custody.

FDLE, the Tallahassee Police Department and the Green Cove Springs Police Department are all members of the North Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. This task force is one of 45 federally funded task forces nationwide created solely to investigate Internet crimes against children that include the online sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.

“This is another example of why parents should take time to discuss Internet safety with their children,” said Special Agent Bob Breeden of FDLE’s Computer Crime Center. “Many parents have no idea who their children are communicating with online. Predators are using the Internet now to communicate with young people, often over a several month period, to win their trust and convince them to meet face to face often with tragic results.”

http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Fc3/child_safety.htm - tips for keeping your children safe online.
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