Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

7231 - brief update for sat.

Humbug... router and DSL down. Fortunately, Mr. Dialup is available in emergencies (and since I'm on call, emergencies are a real issue.)

Only a few calls/recoveries today, but I'm still confined to quarters.

Upside, I got my take 5's and yummy gummy roadkill from squarerootofpi! I hope the Dr. Who got to her in good shape, too! nice that they were unmelted, and plentiful! I've got enough to have one with lunch every day next week!

Well, I would if I didn't eat one on ripping the envelope open.

Chromosomes are to Pheromones as Pizza is to ____________________.

Sonic Zoom Superman's "flapping cape action" doesn't look like he's flying.. more like he's been eating burritos.

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