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7249 - Mucho Audio

Ah, Spring has Sprung. Time to wake up and smell the fertility. Ah, good ol' Vernal Equinox!

Autumn turns to winter,
And winter turns to spring.
It doesn't go just for seasons you know,
It goes for everything.

Sha na na na na na na na na,
Sha na na na na.

/Brady kids

I didn't see any sign of McDonald's Shamrock Shake this year for St Patty's. (Just as well, no reason to go in there) In rebellion, I got some mint choco-chip ice cream on my walk yesterday. Spent a long time walking around up and down Los Olas, and then war-walked grid near my house. I have a lot of neighbors who walk dogs between 10:30 and 12:30. (Hooray for Sharkscan!)

Cosmic Truth Generator

Hm. LJ is supporting podcasting. If only I had something of value to say! (For Evidence, see prior entry.) I think it's sort of goofy, actually, but any feature is a good feature, I guess. Custom RSS feeds are a good thing. Funny how I just made the RSS feed for blogdiggermp3 for sniffing out new audio in assorted journals. I guess audio broadcasting is handy if there isn't a place to read, but for the most part, I'm a bigger fan of text. In honor of Podcasting, here's Newt mad at a squirrel - 19-mar-2005 1:33pm I calmed him down shortly after.

Speaking of LJ features, why do I keep forgetting about the "auto-refresh" mode that LJ has?


That will just update a page every so often to see if new posts have been added. Feel free to replace scottobear with whatever lj user name you prefer.

Experimental Gameplay Project - tower of goo is awesome.

Chief mentioned that I'm getting compensated for taking time yesterday to do training... works for me. I didn't get to check out that condo, though.

I shouldn't be telling you this, but you're a good soldier, and have a right to know. If we lost this fight, we'll be in a world of spit. Think of your dear old mother! Wearing bologna shoes, and corrective headgear! She thinks small animals nest in boxes of tapioca pudding left under the yumyum tree too long, but that's the way she was raised, Mister! Rub that on your thighs, Mr. Moto, and see how far it'll get ya!

Japanese vendor in small pick-up truck calling "yaki imo... oishii, yaki imo" (get your toasty hot sweet potatoes) via

(Part of the sleepytime scotto playlist)2455498

Three Teens Accused of Kidnapping Boy, 15

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) -- Three teenagers kidnapped a 15-year-old and ordered his father to drop off a $50 ransom at a Taco Bell restaurant, authorities said. The father called police instead, and the teens were arrested.

Police said the dispute began over $50 that David Gibbs, 15, owed to Joseph Garrett, 17. Gibbs went to Garrett's apartment Tuesday, and Garrett asked him to repay the money, police said. Gibbs couldn't pay up, so Garrett and two other teens punched him in the face and held him at knifepoint, then forced him to phone his father and ask him to drop the money in a planter at the Taco Bell, police said.

Ralph Gibbs called police, who set up undercover officers at the restaurant. Two people who took the cash told police that Garrett had paid them $10 for the deed, and they agreed to call Garrett to arrange a meeting at a Goodwill store.

Police who went there found 16-year-old Samuel Aidoo standing by a trash bin and found he was carrying a knife. Garrett, who was at his nearby apartment with the son, saw the officers and fled, police said. The son then left the apartment.

Aidoo, 16, and Victoria Aidoo, 15, were arrested Wednesday. Garrett turned himself in the next day.

Moment of Lyric:

Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.


Don't waste your time on jealousy; sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind...the race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself.

Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

Keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements.


Woman Paid Invisible 'Mermaids' Airfare

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) -- A woman testified that she paid a popular local musician to fly four mermaids from London to Harare to help her recover a stolen car and cash.

Businesswoman Magnate Mapfumo said she paid $5,000 to fly the invisible mermaids to Harare on the advice of musician Edna Chizema, who is on trial for theft by false pretenses, the state-owned Herald newspaper reported Thursday.

Zimbabwe's Shona people believe mermaids are fearsome enchantresses capable of wreaking vengeance on wrongdoers.

Mapfumo testified that she sought Chizema's advice after her car and millions of Zimbabwean dollars (thousands of U.S. dollars) were stolen.

Mapfumo said she also paid for the mermaids to be housed at Harare's plush tourist resort, the Jameson Hotel, and supplied with mobile phones and electrical generators to cope with the Zimbabwean capital's numerous power cuts, the paper said.

"I asked about the names of the mermaids and I was told they were called Emma, Charmaine, Sharvine, Bella and a fifth one who was said to be an Arab mermaid," the Herald quoted Mapfumo as telling the court.

"All the time, she (Chizema) told me I could not see the mermaids as only spirit mediums could do so."

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