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7385 - Thursday

Star Wars Tonight at 6:30, after work.

RIP Frank Gorshin.

I'll be interested in seeing if this is true. PETA Kills Animals.
"Hypocrisy is the mother of all credibility problems, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has it in spades," states the website. "While loudly complaining about the 'unethical' treatment of animals by restaurant owners, grocers, farmers, scientists, anglers and countless other Americans, the group has its own dirty little secret.

"PETA kills animals. By the thousands.

"From July 1998 through the end of 2003, PETA killed over 10,000 dogs, cats and other 'companion animals' – at its Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters. That's more than five defenseless animals every day. The group put to death over 85 percent of the animals it took in during 2003 alone. And its angel-of-death pattern shows no sign of changing."

Moment of Lyric:

We're coming to the edge, running on the water
Coming through the fog, your sons and daughters
We, the great and small, stand on a star
And blaze a trail of desire through the dark'ning dawn…
Let the river run
Let all the dreamers wake the nation
Come, the New Jerusalem

Newton Rankings at Kittenwar -

This is how Newton has performed in 3892 battles: (Ranked #196)
# Won: 2641 (68%)
# Lost: 918 (24%)
# Drawn: 333 (9%)

As "Guido"

This is how Guido has performed in 6685 battles: (#242)
# Won: 4474 (67%)
# Lost: 1696 (25%)
# Drawn: 515 (8%)

Palentology, chalk, earth's age, and dinosaur bones. Niobrara - nice lead from Mike Cohen

I'm still waiting for some questions and answers from my interview questions.

Hong Kong's Bun-Snatching Contest Revived

HONG KONG (AP) -- At the strike of a gong Monday, 12 competitors scrambled up a 46-foot tower covered with Chinese buns and snatched away, relaunching a local tradition after a 26-year break.

Secured by safety ropes, the contestants tossed plastic-wrapped buns into bags on their backs as hundreds of spectators watched from below. The climbing sent some buns flying from the tower.

The buns - stuffed with lotus seed paste - were divided into three zones, with the higher buns worth more points. The competitor racking up the most points in three minutes was the winner.

The victor had climbing in his blood. Kwok Ka-ming, who scored 453 points - 30 more than his closest competitor - is a firefighter by trade.

"This win is unexpected," Kwok said. "When I got up there, I found it was very difficult. Up there you can't hear anything. I just focused on snatching."

The bun-snatching contest on the suburban island of Cheung Chau was canceled after a bun tower collapsed in 1978, injuring 100 people.

Officials revived the tradition, part of an annual "bun festival," this year after implementing improved safety measures. Workers built a sturdier tower and bun snatchers received mountaineering training. A preliminary competition reduced the pool of climbers to 12 finalists.

The festival originated hundreds of years ago when Cheung Chau residents dressed up as gods to ward off evil spirits they believed to be responsible for a plague, according to one account.

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