Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote,

7449 - IMHO doesn't always work.

EFF's Legal Guide for Bloggers

The Overview of Legal Liability Issues FAQ briefly addresses some common legal issues that affect you as a publisher, especially situations where you may face legal claims or threats based on information you published on your journal. (waxy_org )


  • Over the Potomac and into Fredericksburg

    Originally published at The Scotto Grotto. You can comment here or there.

  • IMAG0055

    </p> IMAG0055, originally uploaded by scottobear. BHK and penn station eagle. Originally published at The Scotto Grotto. You can…

  • and again… from 08282011

    Age:38   (on date of arrest) Height:604 Weight:205 Eyes:BLU Hair:BRO Facility:Main Jail Charges: POSSESSION OF COCAINE TAG…

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