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7679 - Power's Back!

Oh, sweet air conditioning... don't leave me again!

Lots of trees got the shakedown treatment, as well as an assortment of broken street lights / signs.


Las Olas... post Katrina-storm. going to be a lot of cleanup work today.

broken tree

nearby doc's office... messy! Poor tree.


My backyard... going to be a lot of cleanup!

palm in canal

Palm at 12th ave and Las Olas


Las Olas Cafe Sign, hanging by a thread.


Las Olas and Andrews. Half a streetlight torn down from the storm. I like that you can see the skyscrapers reflected in the arrow.


Las Olas and Andrews. Half a streetlight torn down from the storm. (about three feet square)


Broward Blvd at Andrews. so much for the new masts stopping falling fixtures. Sign is about 5ish feet wide.


Why you should put plywood *outside* of your doors.


More reason why you should put plywood *outside* of your doors.


Federal Highway sign knocked over by coconuts (fed & broward) Sadly, little green coconuts not shown.


Halloween candy already at cvs... Sakes... it's not even frickin' September yet! Candy corn & peeps must not go bad. I went to get some supplies, and they had all the treats out.


Newt Chilling out during the Katrina storm. He really didn't mind a bit.

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