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August 29th, 2000

Sleep Study -

I'd say it went well. (And it did, I'm not fibbing.) Air mask definitely was an experience, and I'll be getting one to use at night, at least before I have surgery done, and possibly after, depending on how it goes. It was sort of weird, much like wearing scuba gear, but more comfortable.

Unusual words heard at the study- Nurse using the word scamper. as in "Shoo, now! Scamper off, and play" This from a woman about 23. Silly but cool.

I have camp songs on the brain. "She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes"

Wha? What seeded that?

in response to eebomb -

the sky is pinkish-orange and the wind is blowing form the east, off the coast.
i want some ice cream, too.
I still have contact gel from EKG sensors on my shoulder.
Newton is not Sleepy.
Scotto is not sleepy.
I recently added a scrabble program to my palm to polish my skills.
the a/c whirs with a soothing hum.
I need to vacuum
I'm freezing apple juice and orange juice into homemade popsicles in my icebox.
I'm going to eat an apple juice pop right now.
I had a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs, home fries, and melon.
Newton missed me terribly, and in now being all lovey.
i miss walking around Boston Common
life is an amazing thing.
surfing is incredibly soothing, even if you're no good at it

Today's program was brought to you by the letter K, the color Green, and the Circle!

what is happening where you are?


a new friend?

Petfish linked to me.. must invesitgate the site now.
trashy escapist romance novels, has officially reached 20. la Trav would be so proud of us!

hooray! Yipe! I should get ready for work! enough net goofing until I get there!

See you chilluns soon.

The Bermuda Triangle.

I had heard of the Bermuda Triangle before my experience - its legend has a permanent place in the American pop culture. But I didn't believe any of the stranger stories - after all, there's always an explanation for a missing boat, or a missing plane. Behind every mystery there are logical conclusions to be drawn, once you're past the forest of ghost stories and urban legend.


The Bermuda Triangle, as you see in the map, is an area bordered by Bermuda, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The four imaginary lines form a perfect triangle. [edit, 4 years later. I can't believe nobody has pointed out the number of sides.]

The legend of the Triangle really began in 1945, with the disappearance of Flight 19. Five Navy bombers vanished in the waters within the Triangle, and no trace of them was ever found - no planes, no wreckage, nothing. Someone did some checking into the ghostly history of the area, and saw one account after another that could not be explained by Earthly means. One even comes from Christopher Columbus, who logged bizarre phenomena there, including spinning compasses and a sky that changed to psychedelic colors before his eyes. The legend was born.

Theories abound about what happened to Flight 19 and its 27 men. But the Bermuda Triangle has yielded no clues, and the leader of the flight, Lt. Charles Taylor, refuses comment to this very day.

What will follow on this pages is my own story, not as costly as the loss of Flight 19 - but every bit as bizarre.

Coming soon. .

Aug. 29th, 2000

Way up high in the Rolie Polie sky
is the little round planet
of a really nice guy.

He’s Rolie Polie Olie.

He’s small and smart and round
and in his land of curves and curls
he’s the swellest kid around.

Aug. 29th, 2000

I just wanted you all to know.

my middle name is Prescott.

Now you know why I go by Scotto.

My first name, Gregory, I share with my father, and his. That, too, is why I go by Scotto.

What's your middle name?

bah, humbug.

My going out plans have been stymied. I guess this means I was fated to do laundry tonight after all. drat.

*sigh* and now I am over it. Tomorrow, I go out for Thai food with JenJen, where we will comiserate about the lack of good local talent and how much better life would be if we found jobs, mates, and living areas better suited to our needs. Yes, a whiny bitchfest. But, I have some good news to tell her this time around, in that I'll be changing jobs soon, and a crush on a sweet gal. I understand she's heading out on a date tonight, so maybe I'll get an earful, too!

Who knows?


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