August 30th, 2000

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naughty or Nice test

You're On the Verge
We won't call the Vice Squad quite yet, but you're just a few crazy nights away from officially becoming "naughty." You've broken your share of rules — maybe had a few flings, taken some serious risks, embellished the truth every now and again to save your skin — but you're still nice when it counts. If it's dangerous, cruel, or really illegal, chances are you haven't done it. Which is probably just as it should be. We all like to walk on the wild side now and then (it can be so much fun to be bad!), but it's important to strike a balance and keep your urges in check. You're doing pretty darn well so far — keep up the good work!
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good day, good friends, good food, good grief.

Well, I got into work an hour an a half ago, and still haven't managed to accomplish anything of significant value.

Lunch time already, and I ordered a big honking veggie & cheese sub on wheat, extra oregano, no onions. yummy. Will I get to eat it before going out tonight for Thai? Probably not.

The scabble game continues, with Cider crushing me soundly beneath her well-heeled, yet remarkably sexy, shiny boot. I have 35 points, and she has 54, and it's my turn, just now. My great word? As. as in, "as in." I'm painted into a corner, and cursing my devil tiles. not much room to move!
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Well, no thai for Scotto tonight. feh. bah. ugh.

other monosyllables ending in h.

I might even use JennyLee's fneu.

Yeah. fneu!

It's sad, one of JenJen's clients (she's a counsellor) is losing a home tonight, so it'll take a while for her to work with them. Thai tomorrow instead, if all works out. I'm sort of sad that I was careless regarding folks feelings today... I'm generally better about things like that. I'm also very sad that those people are going to lose a place to live that they called home. A wide range, hm? A percieved insult to being homeless.

What to have for supper? I'm not hungry.

I posted my first profanity the other night. (I think it was the first out here) I was quoting from a movie. unless bitch counts as a profanity, in which case, I was talking about a whining-fest I was planning on having tonight.

I'm still behind in scrabble. my oppponent is truly mighty.
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I'm thinking back on the month when I was completely without a place to stay. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, especially anyone with a family. (I'm alone, so I didn't have those responsiblities, thank goodness.) Showering at the beach, not having any way to talk to people, being ashamed of not having a place to stay, or a job. No home or job together is a nasty combination. I had caches of stuff all over town at people's houses, (places where I would rather be homeless than stay... filthy, horrid places.)
I'm not planning on falling into that situation ever again. contrary to what folks might think, not all homeless people group together... I think I saw maybe three others my whole time out there. also, lots of them willing to work for money, or food are very happy to take whatever charity you can offer, even if it is a sandwich or some kind words.

I'm all weirded out now. not going to talk about it anymore. For what it's worth, I have some wonderful friends, and I need not worry about anything like that happening soon. I make good money, and there are some family-types that will help out when needed (not that I do, currently.)

That's why I let April stay as long as I did. I won't ever turn anyone out to the street, unless I fear for my life.