September 1st, 2000

scotto monkeypulse

ok, i've had enough for one day.

I'm done. Well, as done as I'm going to get tonight... I'll see you swell folks tomorrow, uh, today. In about 10 hours. yeesh. I'm going to go sleep.

Anyone want to hire me as a referece/research guy?

I'll work cheap, if you provide room, board, and allow my cat.
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scotto monkeypulse

Back again! did you miss me?

Looks like September is here! Time to pay my rent again, and spend some dollars, yen and ducats on the huge pile of people I know that have September birfdaze. Some biggies I like to splurge on this month... *edited out gift info, as they might be reading this!* Rest assured that buddy Kevin (boss at work, good guy), little bro Derek (who turns 28 this year! yipe! He's my baby brother, man!), Suzy my driver, Mojo the Finn, and Newt's 11 month anniversary will all be getting nice prizes for being all such wunnerful dollies.

Now that I'm looking at my Calendar, I see that my Peace river trip is only a month away (10/6-10/9) canoeing, camping and just good times all in all. I'm in such a better mood today, it's loopy. We'll see how I feel, the closer to byebye time I get tonight. will I leave at a decent hour? or will I have to chug through another late nighter to get stuff accomplished for the long weekend! I'll have monday off, hoo hoo hooray! (no hips, thanks.) Full weekend, Fred is coming down, so I can tell him about the stuff at work changing around, going to the norton museum, starting a new character in RPG-ville, a 1930's game detective, supernatural, semi-powered. Everway on Sunday? Visting little bro on monday? Argh. I'll need to do laundry in there sometime too. Maybe tomorrow morning, before the ball gets rolling. Heaven knows I don't want to have 6 loads just sitting there for eternity, crying in the corner how I never wear them anymore.

Well, that was a ramble. Will Robby come with me to the norton? Will janedeau want me to unlink from her? who knows?
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Wo is the first you'd sacrifce to the goat god?

I've got a dilemma.

I was asked at work today, if I could find one person (existing or not) to sacrifice to the great horned goat-god pan, who would it be?

I'm in a TV sort of mood right now, so I'm thinking either Skippy from Family Ties, Urkel, or the white guy from the Jeffersons. Not the British guy, but the blond one.

The things people talk about at work.

Who would you choose?
scotto monkeypulse

well, it's beginning again...

the big fibber from yesterday just came in and said that he can't work with the product I was producing until 2am this morning. Actually, he didn't tell me, he told the president of the company. I'm not mad today, though. I simply showed the president how fibber didn't know what the devil he was talking about, and how I stayed until 2am to get it out on time. He approved, and it seems that liar-boy now has his buns on the frypan.

Go, karma, go!


On the downside, I may have to do more tweaking because poutyboy doesn't want to run the data now, so I'll have to outsource it. If this keeps up, I may have to focus on outsourcing all the time, because 'breaker-of-oaths' may not have a job in a week, durin this turbulent time here.

I'll adapt. I'm a mammal, after all. (well, mostly.)
scotto monkeypulse

road trip

We were driving down a long lonely one of those deserted stretches of U.S. highway somewhere in the Midwest, the great breadbasket of these here United States, when Stan suddenly remarked, "Get a look at that, Scotto, up ahead!" I did the squints and saw, to my surprise, a very large pool of viscous black goo up ahead where a good portion of the highway ought to have been. "What do you suppose that is?" he asked, and I said, "Viscous black goo, Stan, ain't you ever seen viscous black goo before?" As I recall, there was something light and airy on the AM dial as we continued relentlessly forward. I forget what I was thinking about at the time, it was certainly Important in that special way we all have around here, and Stan said, "Do you suppose we'll glide over the top of it?" and I said, "Here's a ring around the collar says we find out."

The front end of the car traversed some distance across the top of the pool before ultimately becoming mired, and the back end soon followed suit. We found ourselves sinking incredibly slowly, and what's worse, reception was becoming poor on the ol' AM. Stan said, "We can't open these doors, can we," and I replied, "That's some goo, huh." As the car sank, the view of the goo slopping up over the hood was duly impressive; the dim neon of a distant street lamp gave the whole pool of goo a rather luminescent quality. Man and machine, soon to be enveloped like dinosaurs in the tar pits, only god knows the dino- saurs never drove Toyotas. As the goo rose (or as the car sank, depending on how full or empty your glass is), we watched it squirm and slosh against the windows, teasing us a bit, and Stan said, "That's some goo all right," and I could only mutter, "Enthusiastic, ain't it?" Soon I had to flick on the dome light, because the goo was up over the roof of the car. It was getting awfully hot and hard to breathe. Then Stan said, "What do you suppose'll happen if I crack the window a little bit?"

What can I say? We were curious.
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it's funny.

a kind word goes a long way in my book. I'm facing about another 8-10 hours of being here, and I really don't mind because someone paid me a compliment. Not at work, mind you. no recognition here.

Thanks. I feel like I just bit into a york peppermint patty. (at least, how the the commercials make it seem.)

scotto monkeypulse

Almost at the gate!

I'm just polishing off my evening stuff.. maybe another half hour-full hour to go. I think I'm going ot treat myself to some ice cream from mighty walgreens on the way home. They have phish food and cherry garcia now!! (Special interest note to Zoe.... still ony 5 varieties, but the choices are mucho better!!)

I'm feeling that it's time to start my decompression... my headache is a dull throb, I think the migrane aspect never blossomed, although it seemed that it might for a while there.