September 2nd, 2000

Kind lady

Scotto's Empathy rating.


Lucky you -- not only are you a caring person, but you are probably a very happy one! You find laughter and smiles to be contagious, and you get pleasure from other people's joy. Being able to identify with someone else's happiness is a wonderful skill to have. Most likely, you are very tuned in to the emotions of others, and their moods affect you profoundly. Chances are that someone else's good fortune can always make your day a little brighter, and your support and compassion can always brighten someone else's day.


You tend to be overly sensitive to the needs, feelings, and thoughts of other people. Chances are that , you are so tuned in to the emotions of others that you may have a hard time recognizing or identifying your OWN emotions. Moderation is the key here. You are probably so empathetic that people may take advantage of you, without your - or sometimes even their - ever knowing it. It is commendable to understand and help other people as much as possible, but it is equally important to take your own needs, emotions, and thoughts into account.


Ouch! Not only do you have to deal with your own pain, but you feel the pain of those around you as well. You identify so closely with other people's feelings of discomfort that under some circumstances you probably have trouble distinguishing between their grief and your own. Most likely, you have a difficult time moving past the painful experiences of someone you care about or someone you have read about. Illness and suffering are topics that you cannot ignore, and you probably become overly involved in other people's issues. Keep in mind that although it is noble to immerse yourself in other people's experiences, it is imperative to acknowledge that their issues are not yours to solve.