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September 4th, 2000

Didn't make it to Norton today, mind/body fried from the last week's exhausting schedule. Skipped everway too. I did, however get the first supers game with the Hunters in, and that was quite fun. 1930's setting, Characters are - Hawkman clone, Prof Tick-Tock (makes clockwork doodads for assorted needs), Lucky Lil (occultist/probability manipulation), H. Wu (magic Sword, chi blast anti-tong), Noodles the Clown (cursed comedian with magic pants. Really.), and Piston (Cyborg [1930's style- think robocop powered by pneumatics]). seems to be an occult theme running through it, at least this session.

Went to see (you guessed it!) Godzilla 2k with my little brother this evening, (Now that I've seen it more than 3 times, I can see where I would've edited it more, especially at the beginning, for tighter time.) after that, we went out to dinner at big pink, the tasty food source right next door. Yummy Hummus opener, and veggie-burger meal. Bro ate a carno-burger, and we gabbed for a while.

walked along los Olas, talked about stuff, and we looked at the boats and mocked the goofy rich people & drank orange slurpees. His apartment is small, and nicely Spartan, but no worse than my own shoebox. :)

Newton has been quite a good little guy these last couple of weeks, I think he's preferring the bachelor life. (Nobody else in the apt to take my attention from him, I think)

Happy Birthday, Latraviata!!!

hoodyhoo! 25 already?

welcome twinstar!

good to have you snooping along :)

my bond girl name,

according to this -
bond girl name

is - Annie Position. Although I'm very partial to Buck Lykafunny.



looking over the popular interests page and discovered that swimming is more popular than sex

I live by the beach. Am I doing sometihng wrong? I was also surprised to find Tori Amos was more popular than food.

Science fiction beats out chocolate? what? nope, I deny that.

For what it's worth, livejournal is apparently more interesting than money or religion. Why aren't there more paid members? I think I'm sending brad my $$ this Friday, when I get paid, as this is easily the most frequent program I use or think about these days.


Chinese food! yeah baby!

Just ordered... veggie lo mein, spring rolls, and a big honking barrel of tea.

met estokes. amd enjoyed the chat... welcome to my journal, Erika!


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