September 11th, 2000

scotto monkeypulse

*insert banana splits theme here*

La, la, la... lalalala

Not the smurf theme.

although it's stuck in my head now. so, you can do that one too, if you like.

I found my old rubik's cube last night, cleaning out my box o' stuff I keep at the bottom of my closet. it's a teeny one, attached to a keychain at one time. It's so loose that gravity causes it to spin on it's own. I almost took it to work today, but opeted out, as I have loads to do mondays.... (not like I can do that, and journal reply, and work!) It seems I have another new friend, but I can't figure out who it is! when I do, i'll thank you. :)

I was reading cider's post about piercings, and it's odd, but upon reflection I've date more girls with ink and piercings than not... Is it just trendy down here, or have most girls gotten at least a little ankle or shoulder tattoo in the last 10 years? Thinking about the ones 'm most familiar with, I can honestly say that of the girls I know between the ages of 21 and 40, easily 90% has some sort of ritual scarification. (I'm not counting ear pierces, either.) counting on my fingers, only 3 of 35 girls are 'unmarked'. I wonder what the old age homes are going to look like? right now it's what, marines, and other military guys with marks? times change, I suppose.
scotto monkeypulse

propagating bethany, cider, and latraviata's meme

1.) What is your favorite place to visit, and why?

locally, definitely the beach or park to kite fly, and just walk around.

anywhere? Bremen, Germany, where I have loads of relatives, and a sweet time every time I go. Good food, good humor, free room & board. :)

2.) Do you possess any unusual interests? If so, what are they?

unusual is a tricky word. I love weird stuff, from candy shaped like skeletons from Mexico, to people who hear voices. I'm fascinated by all sorts of bright lights and shiny objects. too many to list. :)

3.) Describe the worst place you ever lived.

With friends that were total slobs. (I love them to pieces, but the cleanliness habits were vile.) They owned several animals, and never cleaned house. retch. I think I actually preferred living outdoors than staying in there, even when it rained. I tried to clean the place, but it made me physically ill, and ultimately gave up on staying there. I'm dry-heaving just remembering, now.

4.) What activity/hobby do you wish that you could spend more time pursuing?

philanthropy. I would love to be comfortable enough with my income to spend all day working at a shelter or soup kitchen.

5.) You receive an extra $1000. How would you spend it?

set it aside as emergency money, and look even harder for a new job, probably taking the first one that came along that met my needs.

6.) What trait(s) do you look for in your friends?

loyalty, reliability, kindness, a sense of humor, a sense of irony, and at least smart enough to remember to breathe.

7.) What is your favorite holiday?

Halloween (closely followed by candelmas)

8.) Favorite cartoon character?

yikes. That's so hard I can't even say. First one that comes to mind? Monkey from Dial 'M' for Monkey... or Mojo Jojo. Or Grape Ape. ... definitely a simian theme. Captain simian & the Space Monkeys! argh... I don't know. Fave Live action 'toon is Wonder Woman, baby.

9.) What do you have on the walls of your room/apt./house?

Wood Paneling, African masks, Japanese masks, poster of Boston, poster of 'Classic Doom Patrol', autographed photo of Julie Newmar, photo of Sean Young as Rachel form Blade Runner, bookshelves, full to the max.

10.) What is your most distracting pet peeve?

mine is the way my brain's focus works. random thought processes sometimes step on my stream of thought.

in others, any bombardment on my senses... loud voice, foul odor, punching me.
scotto monkeypulse

too much drama in my life?

ok. more weirdness to add to my current situation. I get a phone call out of the blue from my pal Chase. (I've not heard from her in about 3 months)... apparently she and her girlfriend of 10 years are ready to have a child together. Problematic, as they are both lacking testicles, and want to give birth, not adopt. Enter Scotto. "He's got sperm! and I bet he's not using all of it!" Well. Truth be told, I've just been using it recreationally, and not procreationally... but yeah, I guess so. Here's the deal, they'd just as soon not go to a clinic and pay some guy to take it out of me, and plug it into Chase... they'd prefer the old fashioned, free installation that mother nature provides. Ok. I'm at the "Well, won't there be jealousy, or something from you having sex with me?" part of the conversation... and Chase says, "No, we've talked it out, and you're a nice guy... not emotional strings or anything, and we like what you have to offer...(she rattles off some stuff about me being healthy, etc, I come back with my apnea and back trouble, she says that they'll cope with the advantages over the disads. *egoboo*) Then she mentions that if everything's still cool, that her gf would like to have a baby about a year after the baby is born, and they'd like it if I agree to the first, if I'd agree to that too. Um. Well, let me think abut this, it's pretty important stuff...

that's where I am now. I think she expected me to agree right away, but was happy that I'm taking it seriously.

my immediate concerns are this -

I've really never had sex with someone I'm not attracted to 'as just friends'. The closest I've gotten is some silly stuff with someone I had a crush on, and she was just fooling around, although I took it a little more seriously. It's a good cause, and I'm honored they asked... but I'm not sure what my responsibility to the baby will be, should I draw up some sort of contract? Should I sire a baby with someone else, when I haven't had any of my own kids yet? I don't know what my feelings to a child I'm just serving as donor semen for will be, especially since I'd probably be there with them here and again, visiting.

Something for me to think seriously about.
scotto monkeypulse

more meme spreading, pirated from applelard/petfish

Pierce your nose or tongue? Nose, through the septum, just to see... I'd be worried on loss of sensation on the tongue, and cracking my teeth on the barbell.

Be serious or be funny? situational ethics here. I try to at least be a little funny.

Boxers or briefs? I wear both, briefs when alone, boxes then I'm with someone.

Whole or skim milk? whole

Single or Taken? single

Simple or complicated? simplicity is wonderful, when things are good. more honest.

Law or anarchy? Law

Flowers or angels? angels

Grey or gray? Grey

Read or write? Read

Color or black-and-white photos? black and white, with few exceptions.

M&M's or Skittles? m&ms

Rap or rock? Rock, generally.

Stay up late or wake up late? wake up late!

TV or Radio? radio, prefer netradio, where I can manipulate the format.

Is it POP or SODA? soda, which in my book is short for soda pop.

X or O in tic tac toe? O

Eat an apple or an orange? that's like comparing... well, you know. Currently leaning to apple.

What came first the chicken or the egg? Egg... dinosaurs had 'em!

Hot or Cold? hot water showers, cold weather.

Tall members of the opposite sex or short? I'm 6'6", would love to date a 7 footer sometime, but shorties are so cute!

Sun or moon? Moon

Emerald or ruby? Ruby.

Left or right? Left

10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? I'd trade 1000 acquaintances for a true friend.

Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate

High or Drunk? not right now.

Green beans or carrots? carrots

Low fat or fat free? whatever doesn't cause 'anal leakage' via olestra.

What is your biggest fear in the world? losing friends

Kids or no kids? Kids

Cat or dog? Right now, cat.

Half empty or half full? yes. totally variable, depending on context.

Mustard or ketchup? mustard.

Hard cover books or soft cover books? soft cover

Newspaper or magazine? etext of news

Sandals or sneakers? sandals

Wonder or amazement? amazement

Red car or white car? White

Happy and poor or sad and rich? Happy and poor
(does anyone pick the latter?)

Singing or dancing? Singing!

Hugging or Kissing? Hugging, more people are comfortable with it.

Corduroy or plaid? plaid.

Happy or sad? Happy!

Purple or green? green, but just barely.

A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? How long do I get to live? :) Truly, friendship is my choice, hands-down