September 19th, 2000

scotto monkeypulse

Another day, another $.34 (after taxes.)

woo. Or even Wu! (Doug, that is) harper #1 in my book, and all around swell guy apparently called danny up last night, giving out his new phone number... sadly, he either doesn't have the line hooked up yet, or some other weirdness is causing conection trouble. but rest assured that we'll hear from him soon.

I have no plans for saturday...what to do. maybe just have a rest? my forward week is looking busy, update ID, take car eof a few bills for Suzy while she's in the pokey, birthday goodies for Derek & Kevin. I should spend some time with Danny and Ray this weekend, I really haven't spoken to Ray since oh, maybe a month or so ago. Perhaps Saturday will be good for that.

reviews on the googly eyed scotto are mixed... I think I'll save it for 'surprised or hyper' moods when I get my paid account.

Doing a contract job for food for the poor. I have mixed feelings about feeding people overseas when there are hungry folks in my city. Is it wrong to want things better locally first, and then spread out from there? Another tactic is to hit the hungriest first, and go to the less hungry, I suppose... but how does a person calulate that sort of stuff? "Well, 1000 people died here last week... only 800 in haiti died." The economy of human life is a difficult one for me to calculate. Is it wrong to feed the hungry at all? Opposing nature? (Don't look at me, I'm totally in favor of good works... and opposing nature. If I wasn't all my friends with glasses would be much worse off, not to mention the my back, athsmatics, and other 'defectives')