October 3rd, 2000

scotto monkeypulse

it;s raining, it's pouring...

the old man is snoring...

Today's forcast. Very moist!

I wanted just to sleep and sleep and sleep today. I was snoozing, Newtie on my neck, and as comfy as my bed's pseudo-womb-like qualities could deliver. but, in order to pay the bills I got up, and puttered into work a bit late.

I'm well rested though. first sexy dreams in a while... I wrote them down when I first work up, who knows, I might even post them in non-private mode. :) Unlikely. Not something I'm apt to share.

Back to work for me! I have Friday off, so I need to get on top of things here.
scotto monkeypulse

Having a day.

hurry up and wait seems to be the nature of the beast.

I have a beautiful window of opportunity that's opened up, but nothing to do the processes on. drat. I think I'll end up waiting around an hour, then get it late. perhaps I should go questing for food now... that'll cause the stuff to get here earlier.

I'm rather concerned about Katherine, but I think she'll come through her trouble-time pretty well. I just don't like to have any friends suffering for any reason. I think that she realises how many people care about her, and want only the best for her well-being.

On another note, I must research shopping carts (of the online variety.)
scotto monkeypulse

poi dog pondering. what a great band. :)

The Ancient Egyptians
(A Love Letter to Jonathan Richman)

Well the Ancient Egyptians, and the other Africans
The Mayans, the Incas, and all the Polynesians.
All around the world, a long long time ago,
People would walk, where ever they had to go.
They didn't have car keys, and they didn't have roads --
They didn't have those ugly convenience stores, or Texacos
In fact, all around the world, a long long time ago,
people would walk, where ever they had to go.
Well now it's the 1990's, and the gasoline does flow,
but I still try and walk most of the places I have to go
But sometimes my friends will stop and say,
"Hey Frank! There's a bus or a cab over there...
Why don't we go ahead and get in it?"
But I say no, no, no, and didn't you know,
you get to know things better when they go by slow.
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