October 8th, 2000

scotto monkeypulse

Hey all!

I imagine I've finally arrived! I got my first rude anonymous post! (two, actually!) I'm amazed it'd taken as long as it had...

On another note, welcome sanssouci and everyone else who has recently linked to me. :)

Saw PSycho Beach Party with my little brother today, had a fun time with him, all told. I recommend PSB to anyone.

The scary thing is that we have a girl at work that is a spitting image of Lauren Ambrose. And she loves Dharma and Greg. :) (Lauren and the Greg guy are both in the film.)

this just in. (this is a true-fact... not a scotto-sillie) From Salon.

Oct. 8, 2000 | LOS ANGELES -- The actress who played "Fonzie's" girlfriend on television's "Happy Days" has admitted she violated probation when she hit her ex-boyfriend with a cane.

Roz Kelly, 58, who played Pinky Tuscadero opposite actor Henry Winkler in the long-running comedy, faces up to two years in prison for the violation, prosecutors said Friday.

Kelly was sentenced to three years probation last year after she pleaded no contest to charges she fired a shotgun at two cars and into a home. She was ordered to undergo psychiatric counseling for what her attorneys said was a bipolar disorder.

She was arrested Aug. 20 after her former boyfriend told police she hit him on the head.