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October 12th, 2000

back again!

yikes, I just reviewed entries for my previous day, and it looked like I managed an entry once an hour for about 4 hours... a good patter, but a sign that I'm not getitng my data in quickly enough, if I have to stay late. Maybe it's time to establish policies on data retrieval that won't be countermanded by the higher-ups. My coworker will be hitting the dentist today at 2pm, so I'll have the pleasure of doing his regular stuff as well today. drat.... but it's not bad... the extra work isn't hard, just time consuming.

hmm! it seems that he already did one of the things for tonight, so I won't have to! what a swell guy. :) Just a question on waiting for the two follw-up files, and I'm set.

Hope you kids all have a good day too, If I don't see you until much later.


somehow, I knew.

I took the test that JennyLee linked to, at http://starwarsquiz.hypermart.net/

and ended up with -

Your character is Chewbacca (Classic Trilogy)
(73.5% Match)

(Classic Trilogy)
At age fifty, Chewbacca left his homeworld of Kashyyyk in search of adventure. He led this life of excitement for over a hundred years before the Empire declared all Wookies as slave property. Chewie was captured and spent a long time as an Imperial laborer until he was rescued by an Imperial trainee named Han Solo. Chewbacca explained that he owed a life-debt to Solo, and the two became smugglers. Chewbacca has extended the life-debt to include Han's wife, Leia Organa, and their children, Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, and Anakin Solo.
Chewbacca Link of the Moment:


"-licious," "-tastic," or "-riffic."

I love those suffixes.

you can put them on anything.




Newtacular is a good beta suffix.


oh, how neat!

cool things happening to me today, making up for the downsides...

downside- Latrav is not here today
upside - Cider is back!
downside - working late
upside - got tasty sammiches with pix!
downside - dale left early, and I had to play fixit
upside - a kind soul paid for a year of LJ! *THANK YOU*
downside - deal left early must do much work
upside - i control the radio! and I can chat with aim pals for a while!

a flash of memory

Does anyone else remember the Computer game Syndicate Wars, in particular the open cut-scene?

The background was roughly that every human worker had a chip implanted in their brain that caused them to see everything as right, bright and happy. The syndicate agents don't have the chips, and operate in reality, where a powerful religious movement is running around deactivating people's chips and causing all sorts of disruption. The character in the into is walking down a pleasant city small-town street, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and Mr Policeman is is smiling at him, wishing him a good day.

Then his chip is deactivated.

The sky darkens, the small puffy white clouds stretching out to a perpetual fog. The building shoot up into massive skyscrapers, dirt and grime running down their sides. The bird song turns out to be the noise of the city. The policeman isn't wishing him a good day, he's telling him to move on. And he definitely wasn't carrying an assault rifle before the change.

The actual game dealt more with blowing things up than it did with philosophy, but it was a keen background.

"There are ranks and orders. There are faces at every window. Just be thankful they didn't send the Men in Mauve."

-- Grant Morrison, "Doom Patrol"

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