November 14th, 2000

Kind lady

Behold... I live!

I'm ba-ack...

Not even destroll could keep me down.. my queen bee has seen fit to give me new weapons with which to fight my enemies, and defend the hive!

Yikes! the happiness machine has been activated by the queen bee... she's returned to me, tonight!

She makes me feel....
Kind lady

everybody have fun tonight... everybody wang chung tonight....

A little FYI for any and all Evil Dead fans out there -- "Evil Dead: Hail to the King" for Playstation and Dreamcast shipped October 31st, so be sure and buy eighty copies. I honestly haven't seen enough of it to know if it's gonna be any good or not, but this is the one time I will go ahead and say the heck with substance in favor of a license -- something quite against my principles, but if it contributes to generating enough interest in the series to make an "Evil Dead 4," then it's justified.

However, if any of you little rascals ever buys a lousy South Park game again, I will be forced to beat you with a stick of lime pixie dust.

Due to the great resurgence of super-hero stuff.. I thought I'd provide you all with a good costume source.

lucha libre / wrestling masks, figures, or just funky lucha stuff in general

I especially recommend the Mexican wrestling mask gallery. I really admire the Payasos, Ormiga, Mexicano, and Alebrije

Please note, I have a low opinion of wrestling. but the lucha costumes are a hoot.

I think if we tattooed lucha masks on criminals, it'd be much simpler to find and arrest them.

that made no sense. I'm going to bed. ignore that prior line.

Thinking about wishing wells... if you could have one wish on a fountain, what'd you ask for?
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sayra pointed out that one of the factoids from a book of trivia I posted earlier is untrue... apparently, it's not rude to tip in Iceland....Curse you, Max for your fibs!

Which brings to mind a question. How does a "book of trivia/factoids" check it's sources? I rather dislike having misinformation in my skull if I can help it. I sometimes wonder that about all our knowledge, and how much is patently untrue, while being accepted as fact... Did we really land a man on the moon? Is the world really round? Some of these things can be investigated, while others have to be taken in good faith. It's not like I can go to the moon, and look for flags. I'm confident that there is math and travel that will allow us to see that the world is a ballish thing though. But why publish something that is apparently patently untrue? Filler, and the odds no Icelander (is that the right term?) will find out about it? I enjoy tipping folks for a job well done, and would've deprived someone of a gratuity if I took the book at face value (as I pretty much had...) while visiting Iceland.

so much for my Icelandic trivia... I wonder if my other limited knowledge of there is also incorrect....Is it true that the phone books are listed by first name? Are many of the women there as cute as Björk? Is it really nice there, while Greenland is cold and rocky, misnamed so sailor-types could have a happy private place to live?

Anyhow, thanks for the correction, Sayra...
Kind lady

conspiracy...can anyone validate this?


"Until 1989 the only American foundation that had made any substantial contribution to schizophrenia research was the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, headquartered in Boston. The Scottish Rite had done so in fact since 1934, funding many high-quality research projects during years when virtually no other research funds were available. It has continued to run this program, and to be an important source of funds for researchers on schizophrenia."
-- E. Fuller Torrey, MD; Surviving Schizophrenia: A Manual for Families, Consumers, and Providers; Chapter 6: What Causes Schizophrenia?; Funding for Schizophrenia Research (paperback,p.173)


WHAT??!!??!! What's the dealie-o here? Why are the Freemasons so interested in schizophrenia?