November 21st, 2000

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There's a chill in the air!

Woo... getting cool, down to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. I know one little orange cat who'll be under the covers with me tonight!

I know that's not much to you folks, but it's a welcome change from yesterday, here!

I went through my old vhs collection, threw in a random access video, and watched something I haven't seen in ages. The Dellon Godhead, one of my more dopey TV crossovers. The New Avengers/Doctor Who, to be exact. It's kind of fun to see patsy from ABfab and Tom Baker (the one true dr who) in something that's really badly written (even for 70's british tv)... I've heard there was a Dr who/eastenders crossover, but haven't seen it yet... fast forwarded to some classic mid-80's cartoonage, the real ghostbusters.. I admire that igon has toben's spirit guide on cd rom, and that cthulhu exists in the same universe with the sta-puft marshmallow man. Young Frankenstein is on now, and I should be in bed and asleep before it ends.

I'm a tired boy, and am going to bed now.

Gene Wilder is a god. He and Gilda must've been quite a beautiful pair.


and one from willy wonka....that expresses how I feel about all the folks that link to me.

Wise men....
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from that fateful day
when the stinking bits of slime
first crawled from the sea and shouted to the cold stars
"i am man"
our greatest threat has always been
the knowledge of our own mortality
but tonight
we shall hurl the gauntlet of science
into the frightful face of death itself
we shall ascend into the heavens
we shall mock the earthquake
we shall command the thunders
and penetrate into the living of womb of impervious nature, herself

-- Gene Wilder
Young Frankenstein
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Ugh... mommy? 5 more minutes?

I've been back here at work for the past hour or so... behold scotto, lord of the walking dead. no coffee. No morning walk or workout, just straight to work! *stagger*

I'm hoping that the dearest one's head is feeling better... Firing off good, happy, caring thoughts in her direction, and it's making me more wakeful.

Hey! the roach coach! I haven't seen that since I went to night shift... maybe coffee is close at hand. nope, but 2 pints of fresh oj will hit the spot. *note* do not get into the habit of skipping walks!

back to the grind. see you kids later.
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I wonder how many people use lj as a personal journal, and how many more write for folks linked to them.... I'm pretty much the former, with a tinge of the latter, when I want attention. :)

Something I'd like to see... those of you that actually read this, and aren't part of a weird dead link, could you post a hello in my journal? I'm going to trim the fat off of my friends list, and I don't want to snip anyone who actually reads this stuff. A few more things are going to be going to private soon, and I'd like to give people the opportunity to jump on, or off now, before I break out the link knife.

scotto monkeypulse

disney on my mind.

reminds me a bit of a few of you folks out here...

I dedicate this to kellie, darktrain, any other woodland or vacation needing folks... and especially to my sweetie...

The Great Outdoors Country Bear Jamboree

Alright, 1..2..3

If you've just been wishing 'bout going fishing and you're still on the shore
Grab your cap and gear and meet us right here
We've got all kinds of fun in store
It's time for a vacation, for some rest and relaxation.
Forget your cares, and join us bears
In the great outdoors
Ain't nothing like the great outdoors to ease your soul.
Ain't nothing like the great outdoors to keep you from growing old.
If your minds been hazy, and you're feeling lazy and down on all fours
Then join us bears and suck up some air, in the great outdoors.
Us bears we do love nature and tramping through the woods
Us bears we do love fishing every hour if we could
Us bears we do love singing in country harmony
And if y'all won't join us, we'll chase you up a tree!