January 2nd, 2001

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Despairingly, I hear you shout, "what is happening to the whole world?". Everyone you see could be the against you. Almost anyone could be the enemy. But who is the enemy?. You will find peril, you will find danger but will you find the truth? Look beneath the surface in your search and you might survive or you will just become part of another extremely dusty file in warehouse 23. Beware…..as life lacks justice and "fate, it would seem, is not without a sense of irony". Can you change your own fate?

Now that you understand the consequences of participating, do you wish to continue?

scotto monkeypulse

Picture worth 1000 words?

Well... the LJ was so pesky, I decided to resort to the quick-and-dirty method, post via client.

Submitted two stories to be published this morning... *crosses fingers* It's a small press, but it never hurts to add to the portfolio... I'd like to financially profit from writing if possible, and if not, well, it's still a fun and cheap hobby.

This quote on sweetalyssm's journal.

"Colors and shapes make a more definite statement than words."

--Georgia O'Keeffe

Hmm.. not sure that I agree... I think it depends on the person. (and the shapes or words in question) ... overall, I tend to think that images can be more misunderstood than writing, at least from my perspective. Both are excellent ways to get a statement across... That's something for me to ponder.

took me three times to post replies in folk's journals today, so I'm going to abstain until traffic reduces...I hope the servers find a place soon... I look *so* forward to there being no lag, or jams!
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