January 3rd, 2001

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journalling I get home a bit early last night. Phone, she be dead.

Do you know the horror that is having no phone or net connection to the likes of me? I was mortified that I couldn't chat with Ornj at all...(we still haven't officially broken the 24-hour mark... I got a delayed signal 'sweet dreams from her yesterday morning... and we bounced some mail back and forth...) but I was looking so forward to seeing her last night, and posting some stuff to LJ. No such luck. So, instead, I get some other computer work I needed done, begin coding a frame work for a friend who's going to be a massage therapist... (Actually, Kev's going to do real coding for it, but I want to try my hand at it... I need to get my VB up to par... I have some real weakness in form design and 'sharpness'. I can get stuff to work, but it's always so spartan... need to make it handsome, as well as functional. Got more reading done... reread Walden. Makes me want to visit Concord, Massachusetts again... (I live in Brockton, Near Holbrook for a while.. woo. Rough, but not as bad as Roxbury. MA folks reading this know what I'm talking about... they'll slice you and dice you, pally.)

This morning, I did my morning walk, and called from the Newsstand (in the strip-mall of goodness... the heavenly counterpart to the strip mall of sin...) Must write about them one day..
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Hit enter... but will continue. :)

Anyhow, went to the Newsstand, and the lady there let me call for service.. I should have phone service by 11 am tomorrow morning, probably sooner. (I'm estimating that it'll be fixed by the time I get home tonight.)

Woo.. hard to see how many entries have scrolled by in the hours I've been gone... like you all wrote stuff deliberately while I was gone! :)

Got to talk to Ornj today, and learned more about her... I adore talking to her... (the conversation turned to allergies, things done as kids, making love and so on... ) She is my desire, my heart, my joy. I'm so happy to be in love with her...

My 333 Holiday experience - (or why I love mall food, synchronicity and beer)

I was in a food court in the mall of the dead and while I was waiting for my food to be cooked I decided to get a beer. I walked over to the bar, had a quick look at what they had to offer, and decided on a Tiger. So I ask the guy for one, and instead he pulls out a bottle of beer labeled 333. "You want this instead" he told me. It wasn't clear to me if he was asking a question or making a statement. As I paused for the moment he went on to explain they were on special. (Or did he actually mean to say they were special?) Deciding that even if this wasn't a subtle message from the OU a 333 would probably do just as well, I went along with his suggestion. It turns out that 333 is a Vietnamese beer, and that it goes quite well with Asian noodles. Despite examining the bottle closely, I failed to detect the hidden message. (Unless the message was just 'We know where you eat')

from my archives on the palm -

"In addition," Henry noted, "our University has a fine theozoology department. Few faculty anywhere can rival our professors when it comes to studying and classifying new sorts of God!"
"How many kinds of God are there?"
"One, so far," Henry admitted, "but the Department has just recently constructed a ministerial accelerator that they believe will give rise to as many as seventeen forms of God heretofore unknown."
-from The Life and Death of Henry Serrano, by Emily Chen, as recorded in Nobilis
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I can't log into LJ. Aim and ICQ are dead. Pesky. Is anyone having the same trouble with communications that I am? Dead phone, dead lj, dead chat proggies?

Tell me why?
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I know... How is he posting if he can't log in?

LJ client is my saving grace... but I'm stuck in a monologue.

I prefer dialogue.

At least E-mail works, not that anyone will get to read this... :P

Ah well. Back to work.

Pictures earlier are from the Watchmen comic. outstanding piece of voice-balloon literature.