January 9th, 2001

scotto piercing gaze superhero

finding zen

after 5. I can play my recorder.

(I can't believe I forgot both my book and my recorder at work yesterday! ack! )

downside of recorder. I can neither talk, nor type while playing it.

or maybe that's the upside. :)

Trying to work out a recorder version of a Dave Matthews tune... Has a warm spot in my heart.

Good things to focus on: Ornj, Lavender, #36, comfort, Newton...

bliss is everywhere, you just have to remember where you keep it.
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    off-tune recorder notes...
scotto piercing gaze superhero

(no subject)

downloading odigo in an attempt to combine my yahoo, aim, and icq. will let y'all know if it works... and ask y'all for your userid's again, if it all goes horribly wrong. :)
scotto piercing gaze superhero

(no subject)

well, it's neat... some interesting features. says theres 2 invisible users on my page... wonder what that means... trouble converting my icq and aim lists over, but nifty.