January 13th, 2001

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SOS SOS SOS ... --- ... ... --- ...

Common belief is that SOS stands for "Save Our Ship" or "Save Our Souls" or "Stop Other Signals" or "Stomp Out Stupidity" or "Sale on Socks." (Not really, I made those last two up.) In fact, SOS in not an acronym and it doesn't represent anything at all.

Samuel Morse devised his telegraph code in 1835, using combinations of dots and dashes that he thought would be easy to memorize. The first distress signal was CQD, the "CQ" for a general notice that a message is coming, and "D" for "danger" or "distress." However, this was cumbersome. In Morse Code, CQD was: -.-. --.- -..

So CQD was dropped.

In 1908, an international committee tried to come up with a distress signal that would be easy to remember during a crisis, and could be transmitted by an amateur with only rudimentary knowledge of Morse Code. They decided a simple combination of threes: three letters, each represented by three marks, since three is a universally favored number. Well, at least in Western cultures.

In Morse Code, the only letters represented by three identical marks are O (three dashes) and S (three dots). The committee toyed with OSO, but dashes are longer electrical signals to transmit than dots. An urgent message needed to be broadcast as quickly as possible and use as little power as possible, and so SOS became international standard.

During WWII, the signal "SSS" was adopted when the source of the emergency was a submarine attack, presumably so that potential rescue ships would know there was an enemy sub in the area.

In 1917, Edwin Cox of San Francisco dipped a small square steel-wool pad into a soap solution, and let it dry, and found this product sold well to housewives. His wife referred to the pads as "S.O.S." for "Save Our Saucepans" believing (incorrectly) that the universal distress signal SOS meant "Save Our Ships." Mr Cox took on S.O.S. (with the periods) as the name of his new product. The distress signal SOS has no periods in it, for obvious telegraphic reasons.
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Mixed bag of results.

Got together with Cathi & Dave and went ot the Folk music festival the early part of the day today.

Cost a bit much, but it was nice to get out with them... hadn't seen them since before Christmas...

The music was pretty good, but I'd have preferred lounging with my love, watching spongebob. Ah well.

Went to borders, and the cool used bookstore... neither of them had the Heidigger book, but I got some other shopping done at the japanese market, and considered catching a movie, but decided instead to head home and see if I could give some good lovin' to them that I do, and launch some resumes to the wind. Fired off a few, and am petting the Newt now. No sign of Ornj... hope she's doing well, wherever she may be. Speaking of which, I got some treats for VAGG.. I hope to see how large a group I'm dealing with, soon... be interesting to see who-all is in on it.
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Will wonders never cease?

Heard from Brian on Friday, just poking his nose out to say hello, apparently. :) Nice to hear from him, I figured I'd not hear from him again after Heather had her last snit with me back in October... she was being a little piss-pot, so I performed some friendship triage. Dropped her from my list, never to heard from her again, and assumed that by extension, he was out of the picture too. She's no real loss in my mind... Really the first time I'd thought of either of them in quite a little bit. Anyone I've had in common with her either doesn't talk to them anymore, or I don't hear from.

just a footnote.
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what entertains Scotto

population estimator

this is among the most distressing things that i have found on the web. check it out, think about it and then hit your 'refresh' or 'reload' button


wanna see what people are searching for? this displays 12 random search topics submitted by real people and it refreshes every ten seconds or so. in addition to the bizarre things that people are looking for, the spelling is hilarious. better than tv.


reverse telephone lookup, search by name, state address etc. you can even look at a map of where anyone that you find lives. did you know that there are two listings for a person named 'hugh g. rection'? Evil fodder for stalkers.
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Obtained from Seanbaby... hee hee.. thanks!

Drinking games are the lowest form of social interaction outside of a wedding reception, but just like they did with crappy cartoons and physics lessons, Super Friends make everything better. So I wrote up some rules for the SUPER FRIENDS DRINKING GAME. All of these are open to modification, and you're encouraged to have another drink whenever the Super Friends inspire you to, even if it's not in the official rulebook. Here are your guidelines, I hope it finally brings Super Fans and alcoholics together.

Drink every time you hear the words SPACE or SUPER. For example, if Myxpltk says, "I'll send you super yo-yos into space on this space rocket!" that's three drinks. And if you're nitpicky, this is every instance of space and super, so Superman's name counts, and you drink even if someone's just talking about regular space and not outer-space. Like, "There's enough space left in my belt for two more five gallon Bat-jugs, Robin!"

Speaking of Bat, if you hear the word BAT, and it's followed by a device, vehicle, or action, you drink. Like the Bat-Jetboat, a Bat-Punch, or just a Nuclear Bat-Laser.

Note: Batman's in almost every episode, but if he isn't, you still have to make your liver work. No Batman means you drink every time you hear the words MAGIC LASSO, VISION (x-ray, telescopic, heat, infra red, or any other kind), or TELEPATHY (no matter how Aquaman conjugates it). It's hard for the Super Friends to even walk down the hall without at least the narrator shouting out most of those words. In fact, drink to all four words. If Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Batman are all in the episode, tough it out.

Drink any time a Super Friend speaks the wrong language. This counts if they slip into their native tongue because of excitement, or if they just need to do it to get their powers to work like Apache Chief and Samurai. Good luck staying out of the hospital if you're watching an episode with El Dorado in it.

Take a drink whenever someone lets out an exclamation catchphrase. Those usually start with "Great..." like "Great Krypton!" or "Great Hera!" The Wonder Twins say "JUPITERS!", and Robin will say "Holy you're friggin' wasted! Time to take another one!" Whatever they say, though; their excitement means your toxicity level rises.

Drink whenever someone's GOT TO do something. Villains will say that they MUST do something, and you drink then too. Whoever's saying it though, your drinking should turn into chugging if they've GOT TO do something AND FAST.

If the Super Friends ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE at something or have to do something JUST RIGHT, that's a drink. And before you do it, you should say, "ONLY TIME FOR ONE DRINK!"

After you play this long enough, you can't pay close enough attention to notice when someone says SPACE or BAT, so you have to modify the rules. For the big finish of the game, drink whenever there's a shooting star scene transition, and whenever the Wonder Twins activate or deactivate their Wonder Twin Powers.



1. "Space"
2. "Super"
3. "Bat-Something", "Vision," "Telepathy," and "Magic Lasso."
4. "Great Something!"
5. Foreign Language
6. "I'VE GOT TO..."
7. Just one chance!


1. Wonder Twins Activate/Deactivate
2. Star scene transitions


1. Person on the Trouble Alert has a hat.
2. Narrator. CHUG if he says space.
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