January 28th, 2001

scotto monkeypulse

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I'm only rooting for the Ravens for two reasons.

1. Edgar Allen Poe was an Idol of mine as a boy.

2. My girl is rooting for 'em. :)

In more important news... Cartoon bowl was on yesterday, and Daffy Duck actually beat Bugs!! All right!:)

I actually am not watching the game... I figure the cool commercials will play after the game too, so neh.

Besides, I had bigger fish to fry. Got to talk to the lovely and delightful one... got my VAGG apparatus in gear, so I should start sending those in the mail tomorrow, at a rate of about 10 or so a day. I hope not too many of the VAGGies don't wuss out on me... I'd like to get some hellos from all the niceys out there...