January 29th, 2001

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Her eyes are the softest brown... her hair, vast cascading tresses of red...her skin, the most soft alabaster, accented by freckles adding to her magnificence, she has all the curves a man could ever want in a woman...full breasts, a soft tilt of spine... not to mention the most adorable toes... but what really drives me to distraction is her soul... she truly knows what's right, and lives by it.. Her artistic side shows her sensitivity in her writing and her drawings... every day that I talk with her, I only careen more and more deeply into love... I didn't know I could feel this way about anyone.

How did I find such a wonder? How did I manage to gain her love? It doesn't matter... what I do know is that I love her with all my heart... I want her to be as happy and fulfilled as possible... She's brought out a romantic side of me that I didn't know I still had... I want more than anything else just to hold her... hibernate with her through the winter... Everything I do is colored by her presence, now, and I feel that makes things that much better all around. Thank you, beloved.
scotto piercing gaze superhero

Not romantic at all...

Can I admit something to you guys in confidence?

I just uttered the longest, freakiest, loudest *Belch* in the history of Scottodom.

It sounded like 100 tin cans rolling down a hill covered with jagged spikes. I would've made Dudly Denkins proclaim me master. My stereo is incapable of reproducing the fine bass reverberations that surely caused Newton to think I was roaring on the level that he purrs. I feel that it registered on the Richter scale at about a 3 or so (whatever shakes windows, but doesn't throw glassware about) Teach me to drink a whole 2-liter of soda after going a week without. I was doing so well, too.

There. I admitted it. I wish I could've taped it for my future grandkids...

Speaking of future grandkids...(nice segue, eh?)

I sent out 13 of my VAGG Letters today. (and one extra special envelope to a combination of red & yellow who shall remain nameless.)

I hope you guys don't mind that I'm not sending food items out... but the valentines are pretty sweet... some are autographed by newton, too!

You'll have to wait to see what I'm putting in there.. I know I like 'em. :)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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*pounds the reload button like a pavlovian monkey, hoping for a pellet in the form of graphics and text from people Scotto finds nifty.