February 1st, 2001

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Just had a meeting with my immediate boss, Kev... he hooked me up so I can have my Birthday off tomorrow after all... but I had to get a little angry to get what I wanted...

Anyhow, good news. :)
scotto piercing gaze superhero

My plans for tomorrow.

dreamed I was in ancient Rome last night, and that Ornj & I were feeding potatoes to hungry dogs in the street. Her hair had that crown of braids again... I wonder what, if any symbolism that holds... or if I just think she'd look nice with her hair that way. Anachronistically, we were eating green tea ice cream. :) I remember holding her hand, and trying to take her someplace... not sure where it was, but we were lollygagging.

My estimated schedule for tomorrow.

09:00 Wake up
10:00 Wake up for Real
10:30 This time, I'm actually getting out of bed.
10:40 Eat some Corn Pops. Yummeroo.
10:50 Go for a 5 mile trek, and pick up postage for VAGG stuff at Post office at the end
11:30 Get home, shower and play with Newt-kitty
12:00 Check Mail for Letters from well-wishers
12:01 Reaction reserved for Letters/Lack Thereof
12:02 Hop online, and look for my beloved.
Noonish-? Work on my VAGG, talk to my sweetheart, and generally relax.

Play AOK?
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scotto piercing gaze superhero

inspired by talking to sweetalyssm & darktrain, after a fasion..

Shrunken head

Peel the skin of an apple (adults should help younger experimenters) and carve a face in one side. Place the apple in a bowl of super salty water (half a cup of salt in 4 cups of water, stirred till all the salt has dissolved) and leave it standing for 24 hours. Water will be drawn out of the apple into the salt solution through a process called osmosis. The process will continue until the concentration of salts in the apple cells is equal to the concentration of salt in the water.

Remove the apple and stand it in a warm, dry place for three to four weeks. What water remains in the apple is now lost through evaporation, leaving a wonderfully dry, wrinkled head-like ball that you can decorate with button eyes and hair clippings. If you varnish your 'shrunken head' before you decorate it, it should last for a long time.