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February 7th, 2001

What I say to her...(in the tongues of her ancestors, and mine..)

Ta gra agam ort, Jag älskar dig, Ich liebe Dich, T'a gr'a agam dhuit, Jeg elsker deg...

Or, translated...

I love you...

Am I insane for liking this?

Wow. Finally... :)
Been thinking about future LJ entries today...I hope that LJ is around for as long as I'm writing...what'll my friend's list look like? Will Little Lexie Luthor write her Cyber-uncle? Will I have to make entries hidden from my future children, so they don't know that the old man still finds the wife gorgeous, and made out with her in every room of the house while they were away at band camp?


January 27, 2035...

She still thrills me with just the thought of her touch after all these years...the grandkids are adorable, too... they have her hair, and her beautiful smile. I remember posting pictures of the children here, and now they have peewees of their own...

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Ack... how to manage a friend's list that spans generations? Maybe Brad will have developed some manner of intelligent sorting, or a direct LJ knowledge transfer by then.

did you yahoo?

anyone remember this banner? (circa 1995)


did I miss something?

Where'd Kathleen go?

Is she ok?

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