February 8th, 2001

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You can now download heromachine and run it locally. funfunfun

Save bandwidth! Use it when your net is down!


In other news.

Got out of work at about ten. bleah. too late. Then Suzy calls me up, to get her a mouse from the parts morgue at work... I do, and help her set up her "New Computer"... a pokey little puppy fully loaded with windows 3.1 and a 1200 baud modem. "How soon can you get me on the internet?", she asks. I bite back my first thought...(As soon as you get a computer, I'll help you out!) as The poor woman paid $300 for this thing. I told her that I'd try and dig up a 56k modem and a copy of win95 for her to put on there...but odds look slim. *sigh*

Ah well, I'll help as best I can.
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Ah, ok... feeling better now. Poured out some love into a snail mail envelope...the thought of her just brings me right up. Hitting the sack. Night folks!
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Got home form my walk this morning... and the water was turned off again... I got to bathe for work in my hurricane water... cold. Didn't Give Blood this morning... I'll have to shoot for it next Thursday. (still mildly flu-buggy)

Ack another meeting this morning.

They sold the Tampa office... Glad I didn't take the offer to move there, now! Looks like the office might be moving, too. Possibly a trifle north of here... maybe to Boca?

Consolidating employees.. mail shop and laser trimmed more... and accounting. Polishing my programming skills... Going to set up interviews with Yupi and a few other places on Monday.

I've got to pick up a special copy of Dandelion Wine up, too... I want to read it to my little Moonflower... she's never read it! I think a chapter of that a night'd be nice...

I dream of her nightly... and talk to her daily... Is it right to go for months, and only want more? There's never been a time that I would think I wanted a break or time off... she's like no woman I've ever known... I'm in awe.

Hee hee... imagining elves spitting in Wally's Coffee... :)
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the hundredth monkey phenomenon

The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly "critical mass" point is reached. For example, people start thinking about ending world hunger. One person gets another to start thinking about it who gets another who gets another not ad nauseam or ad infinitum but until suddenly a breakthrough is achieved when the "critical mass" point is reached. Then, spontaneously and mysteriously, everybody starts thinking about ending world hunger.

Oh, it's been debunked... how sad... :( I loved that concept. I researched it after lianna's post about deja vu, a while back...