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February 9th, 2001

Feb. 9th, 2001

Stayed up late last night, and got a slightly different perspective of the woman I love... we talked about my trust issues, and our other mutual skeletons... I'm so caught up in her... she's even more real to me now that we've talked about some of the rougher stuff. I woke up this morning with the thought of her on my mind, but a more sharp concept, a focus. I just want more and more... I like hearing about every element, what makes her who she is, and how she reacts to different situations... not to mention her life experiences are drastically different than mine. I believe that she thinks I've had more... but I feel that our lives have just been on an alternate track...we've both been different places at different times. She never ceases to fascinate and enthrall me.

I think she's the most special person I've ever met, and that's saying something.... she's the rarest of jewels. A real person, and I want more than anything for her to be happy. I'm in love with her, totally.
Ok. This is what I get for waiting until the last minute to have something sent for Vallie's Day.

The 16 companies I've tried to order from won't ship to PO boxes. Feh! Now I have to figure something else out. Maybe have it sent to me, then to her somehow.

Looks like that's what I'm gonna do. I hope it makes it to me by Tuesday, so I can same-day it to her for Wednesday... She's understanding, but I hate to be late.
Hm. Confused about what the 'lj drama' is. I got on the boat too late? I see the gossip journal is gone... was that it? What's everyone up in arms about? Just some facts, anyone?
*heavy sigh*

Missing her... haven't seen her all day. I hope I get to see her tonight... I'm addicted to her.

I'll think good thoughts, and imagine her by my side.

*smiling already*
Bah! I placed an order at 2:30 today, and they said orders placed before 4 get sent same day... grr! 24-48 hours to wait, now...

C'mon, mail! it's a race against time, now!

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