February 12th, 2001

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Hooray! Talked to the shipper of part C of vallies day prezzie, and they say it'll be there in time. :)

*does the cabbage patch*

Hopefully parts a & b will do the same.
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Kind lady

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Okie! Got the rest of vagg out, it should be there by vallies day, except for you Canadians, of which there were a few! :)

Vagg's been fun! (I *really* didn't think I'd get them out in time.)

Now to pack up part B1, and prep it for shipping. :)
Kind lady

Turty good, bunny bad

Remember that old fable of the tortoise and the hare? Basically, the faster hare is overconfident and loses a foot race to the slower, but steadier, tortoise. Somehow, the moral to this story is: "slow and steady wins the race."

I beg to differ. The race was not won by the tortoise; it was lost by the hare. The moral should read: "don't mess around when there's stuff to be done." Or something like that.
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I wanna go home and go to bed. No idea *why* I'm so sleepy. I just want to curl up and drowse, Newtie purring his mind-control vibrato, making me think of my beloved's even breath in my ear.

Glad it's not raining.. I'd be totally asleep by now.
Kind lady

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Ya know what?

I'm really doing pretty well.

I'm in love with, and loved by quite possibly the most wonderful girl in the known universe.

I've got a sweet little babyhead Newton.

Three real world human friends whom I can rely on for *anything*.

All of which fell into my lap totally randomly. Better than winning the lotto, says I.

I've met some lovely people here on LJ, many that I'd love to take to coffee and gab with in meatspace. Very surprising to me is the remarkably high percentage of women (little sisters or daughters.. and one or two dear aunties) that are here...are there a lot more females on LJ, or am I just swimming in the XX chromosome area?

http://bfws7e.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/~kinderma/musinum/InternetMusicPlayer.cgi creates music based on your IP. mine, was very soft and soulful. I may swipe the cgi. :)