February 15th, 2001

scotto monkeypulse

Kellie & Lexie got me thinking about this...

There's a monster in my pants,
And it does a nasty dance,
When it moves in and out,
All the people start to shout,

Monster! Aigh! Monster! Ooh! Get out of here monster!
Monster! Monster! Get out of here monster!

There's a monster in my pants,
And it does a naughty dance,
When it sees the light of day,
You can hear the people say,

Oh no, a monster! Oh no, a monster!
Oh no! Oh oh! Oh no a giant monster!
Oh no, a monster! Oh no, a monster!
Oh no! Oh oh! Oh no a giant monster!

Shut the window, bolt the door,
Don't want to see that monster no more!
Shut the window, bolt the door,
Don't want to see that monster no more!

There's a monster in my pants,
And it does a modern dance,
When it comes into the room,
People hit it with a broom,

Take that monster! Take that monster!
Take it! Take it! Take that you awful thing!
Take that! Aigh! Take that! Ooh!
Take it! Take it! Take that you naughty thing!

And they don't wear pants,
On the other side of France,
But they do wear fleas,
To protect them from the bees

Monster! Monster! Oh gee, a pregnant monster!

There's a monster on the run,
And it wants to have some fun,
When it flies up in the air,
All the people stop and stare,
The guys give a yell,
And the girls start to shriek,
When they see it's giant claws,
And it's razor-sharp beak!

(Gosh, would you look at that thang?)
(And I thought dinosaurs were extinct!)
scotto monkeypulse

Pilgrim's Progress...

Feel weird today.

Good things -
I'm *super* glad part a of my vallies day gift made it.... when she checks the mail today, the remainder stuff should be there. I feel strongly that she'll like 'em... even if it's going to arrive a bit out of sequence... she got the 'middle' gift first... (Chocolates)... the bigger and more personal gifts will be there for her today. Trinkets of happiness to bring her joy...

I wonder how much chocolate is left? :) (I'm a piggy... would be eating them throughout the course of the day)

Got a card from her today, and it was sealed with a peppermint kiss... yum. I cherish her written words so much...

Tough things -
Lost contact with her several times last night, either through her machine, my machine or the net... I didn't get to say goodnight, or give her a parting 'I love you'. She knows how I feel, but I have such a strong urge to tell her so.

Work today is finicky... I should be over the bumpy bits in a few hours though. Can't seem to make this script want to dance the way I'd like it to, but the day is young.

My co-workers are sort of antsy today too.. an odd vibe in the air. There's a tangible tension surrounding everything... maybe once I leave the building here, the 'stress-membrane' will break. I actually feel the small hairs on the back of my neck rising.

Got 3 of my VAGG vallies back in the mail... all were to Canada, and all were $.03 short on postage. ack. Sorry! They'll get to you, just a little late.
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(no subject)

Is it me, or has the Simpsons not all that funny anymore? I've been watching it a little recently... and the last three Sunday night shows have been *really* weak. Either I've grown too far from it's humor, or the humor it had just isn't there anymore. The writing seems very weak to me...

On a similar note... can we go back to one cartoon network? Or, can I get both? I like power puff girls just fine, but I Want to see some Herculoids, classic speed racer... All the cartoon network ever seems to show is its own hubbub. Has anyone come out with a 'Hong Kong action' network yet? I think it'd fit well with the 'romance' 'western' 'mystery' 'sci fi' themes... Sometimes I just want to see some guys hopping around muttering..."You killed the master, Drunken Tiger scorpion style!!" Hyah!
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(no subject)

I've been drinking water all day long. I think I've processed approximately a gallon completely, and about a gallon is still in my system. woo.

I'm going to try and stick with water only as a beverage... see what happens.
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I got it!

I picked up a fresh copy of Dandelion Wine to read to my love. I can hardly wait to begin... forging new memories, to have her hear it for the first time...

Sweetie! Hurry up and get home!!
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Plastic Tupperware
Containing body fragments
Buried on campus

Paula Cole asks me
"Where have all the cowboys gone?"
I sent them away.

Reaching the center.
How many licks does it take?
You will never know.

My moon-based Death Ray
Panics the people of Earth.
Mock my theories now.

Three Rings for the Elves
Seven for the groovy Dwarves
Nine for Mortal Men

you are being watched
your every move recorded
Big Brother loves you
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(no subject)

Me and my brother, ages 15 and 12, respectively

Remembering a time when I was younger.... There were spans of time when he and I would do all sorts of things together... We played land of the lost in a mall near our house that was being built... always pretended to be sleestaks... the hissing lizard men who tormented the lost humans.