February 23rd, 2001

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Iggy Pop, Michael Stipe, & Kate Peirson all were regualrs...

Reflecting on Malcolm in the middle... remembering 'parker lewis can't lose'... basically a sort of surreal Ferris Bueller's day off. synchronize swatches... and Pete & pete.. wow... I adored Pete & Pete.

Some memorable flashbacks from the show...

* The episode where the school bus driver was dumped by his girlfriend. Instead of taking the kids home, he drove them slowly around town for hours visiting places he and his girl had been, giving a depressed, running narration over the bus PA.

* The episode where the ice cream man introduces a new ice cream treat called the Orange Lazarus. A bad guy whose name I forget begins chomping on them too fast in order to achieve brain freeze. Ice cream man: "But I created the Orange Lazarus for good!" Bad guy: "It is good...good and FROSTY!"

* The episode where the Petes' family is on a road trip vacation and begins competing with another, far more perfect family to see who can stack more luggage and belongings on top of their station wagon. The Petes' family finally wins by taking off all their clothes and using them to raise their stack height, then drive off naked into the sunset.

* The episode where little Pete pretended to be sick so he could skip school. Hijinks ensued, and at the end he had to race home before his mom arrived. But he realized that he'd forgotten to close the garage door and didn't have time to run downstairs, so he carefully aimed the door remote control and bounced the signal off the metal plate in his mother's head as she drove down the street, activating the door just in time to close it before she saw anything. (The Metal Plate In Mom's Head appeared in the opening credits to every show, and occasionally allowed her to listen to radio stations.)

* Artie, The Strongest Man In The Universe. He was little Pete's personal superhero in the first season, a wiry, geeky-looking guy in striped long johns who always rushed to little Pete's defense. When Artie went missing, little Pete had to summon him by getting big Pete's high school marching band to play "Superfreak" because he knew it would draw Artie "like a giant funk magnet."

* The episode where big Pete and his bestest friend Ellen were in a school band competition. They choreographed the band's movements on the field to form the school's initials, a standard maneuver, but in a daring move "we choreographed the initials not in the usual Helvetica, but in Times Roman Gothic."

* The episode where Ellen becomes convinced that, statistically speaking, there must be a space alien disguised as some kid in their school.
She's right.

* The great schoolyard villains: Paper Cut, who hurled pieces of paper like throwing stars to cut your flesh; Pit Stain, the boy who sweated acid; and of course, Endless Mike.

Just did a websearch...

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Got this in the mail *just now*---

On Monday, February 5, the New Digital Reporter began an interview series on Brad Fitzpatrick, founder/programmer of LiveJournal. (It was also Brad's twenty-first Birthday!)

We are featuring LJ user journals weekly during the series. Your journal has been selected for the week of February 28- March 7 by one of the LiveJournal users we featured this week (February 21-27). A banner will be displayed within the interview linking to your LiveJournal. Is this OK? BTW: If you want to make your own banner, please do and send it me ASAP. Banner size: 300X90.

The New Digital Reporter is sponsored by M-2K (http://www.m-2k.com), a leading Seattle-based personal lifestyle software publisher. Because your LiveJournal will be featured next week, M-2K would like to send you one of the CD titles from the list below:

· Whales & Dolphins of the World
· Dogs of the World
· Healthy Cooking Deluxe
· Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus
· A Return To Love
· Palmistry
· Love, Medicine & Miracles
· EncycRawPedia is War (WWF)
· Cyber Tarot
· Astrology Source

A full description of each title is on the M-2K (http://www.m-2k.com) web site.

E-mail me your mailing address with CD selection and the CD will be sent to you ASAP.

Now it is your turn: Who’s LiveJournal do YOU recommend we feature for the week of March 7-14?

We are also interested in Jpegs (300X200) with captions or commentary of you that relate somewhat to LiveJournal. To get an idea of how the images will be used, check out the site.

This week were are asking Featured LJ users to answer the following questions:

1. What does LJ mean to you?
2. How much time do you spend on LJ daily?
3. What do you like about LJ?
4. Have you always kept a journal?
5. Why do you think LJ is so appealing over other community web sites?

--- end snip.

Well, that's certainly flattering. Thanks to whoever reccomended me. *ponder* Petfish? was it you?
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Where did this come from?

A person is not being good by simply refusing to commit evil, in my opinion. One does good by creating more good. does that make sense? It seems these days that few people want to make a difference, and instead are saying "well, I didn't kill anyone"... trying to make the evil they commit seem weaker in comparison. Well, of course, stealing a dollar isn't so bad as beating someone to death. but it's still wrong. Liars are a toughie (and admittedly personal peeve) Some folks say that 'diplomatic lies' are a necessary evil. I sometimes see things in more black and white terms... If someone asks my opinion, oftentimes I return with the question "do you really want it?" which sometimes offends... because they assume that I'm going to give them a negative reply. (oftentimes, they're right. but sometimes, I want to know if they want my opinion, or for me to lie to them for validation... which I don't generally do)

Lately I've been thinking on how to be a better person... I want to be the best human I can be for a few reasons.

To make her life better, and mine... and those of the folks I meet. (how conceited that sounds to me, typed out.)

I want to set a good example. I'd like to be someone that folks say "He'd be a great teacher/husband/father" (and no, I'm not fishing for compliments, here.)

I need to set up some parameters on how to do this.