March 13th, 2001

scotto piercing gaze superhero

For my beloved...

Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me.

I'm going to bed.

scotto piercing gaze superhero

my morning paper... more selected evil news links...

Manufacturing Little Commie Eminems

In the United States, rap and hip-hop grew from the streets. But in China, a campaign to create home-grown hip-hop performers is, like so much else, the product of scientific planning, government intervention, expert input and, of course, tests.

Scientist Ignore Every Sci Fi Movie

By tinkering with genes, scientists have made tomatoes that stay fresher longer, crops that are immune to weedkillers and fish that grow faster. Now, a genetically engineered insect is emerging from the lab.
The first field trial of a biotech insect -- a pink bollworm moth that contains a jellyfish gene -- is planned for this summer. The gene gives the moth larvae a fluorescence that allows scientists to more easily track them and monitor their behavior.
If the experiment involving a major pest to cotton growers goes as planned, scientists are ready with their next step: testing a biotech version, called the "Terminator" by farmers, that is sterile, but sexually active; it is designed to mate with wild relatives and eliminate their offspring.

Girl Scouts Hacked

Click on the link to be taken to an image of the hack courtesy of

Lousy Lover Looking To Shift Blame

Given the choice, William Stowell says he would have kept his foreskin.
Since the choice was made for him, he is suing the hospital where he was born and circumcised for depriving him of "the pleasure of natural, normal sexual intercourse."
Stowell says his sex life would be much better if he had been allowed to keep his foreskin , the loose fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis. But his mother denied that to him when she signed a circumcision consent form in the maternity ward where she gave birth; she says now that it was a mistake.

Why didn't I hear this on the news??

Ted Turner, who in the past has managed to insult Christians, Poles, blacks and women, among others, called Catholic employees at a CNN gathering "Jesus freaks," according to Fox News and the New York Post, which is owned by the network.
The occasion was a meeting in the Washington newsroom prior to a party for departing broadcaster Bernard Shaw, which took place on Ash Wednesday.
Turner, who is co-founder of the news network, took notice of a few foreheads smudged with ash, according to the report.
“I was looking at this woman and I was trying to figure out what was on her forehead,” he reportedly said. “At first I thought you were in the [Seattle] earthquake. I realized you're just Jesus freaks.”

put this on springer...

bizarre tale of crossgender/animal abuse/drug abuse/ murder & mutilation. not for the squeamish....

Women Think Everyman Is a Stripper

A 19-year-old FSU student making deliveries for a local chicken wing emporium told Tallahassee police he was groped when a group of women at a bachelorette party mistook him for a male stripper....
When an officer who was dispatched to investigate knocked on the hotel room door, he heard a voice asking inside: "Is that the stripper?"