March 20th, 2001

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Going for my walk. Early-morning style! Let's see how I like it at 8 am, instead of 9:30ish. :)

It's a beautiful day out, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, Newtie is lovey, my Sweetie said I was sooo cute, and looked yummy and so I'm happy and flattered about that. :)

Mmm.. when I take my walk, I picture myself holding her hand, and sort of just loving the world... how can anyone not want to roam the park or the beach that way?

When I was a kid, a friend of mine had a cat, Dartie, that would follow him to the school bus, wait for it to come with us, then it would go home.... I would love to take newt on a walk without some sort of leash, but he's really not an outdoor cat. Besides... he's a cat.. we'd get out there, and one sunbeam... *floomp* hell lay in it, rolling around cutely... not much for a hike.

That said, I'm off. See you kids, later, after I get back, shower and am ready for work.

ps- forgot to post this before I left! eep!