March 30th, 2001

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Good Morning!

I'm such a Techno-hippie, sometimes.

Bob Dylan on my netcast, Nag Champa burning- sending grey-white ribbons of sweet smoke into the air...,Newt in my lap - purring like a lawnmower, and reading my buddies LJ's and patching some old code. I'm imaging my sweetie still in bed, where I can turn and see her sleeping face, peacefully dreaming and happy.

Today is Rent Day, and the day I pick up the new motherboard, hopefully. (Knowing Astley, my supplier, it could be another 2 weeks, but I'm in no rush, and he has some great prices!)

Newtcam is focused on a palm tree outside, pretty much what Newtie sees if he looks up, while resting on the sill. I want to find a way to combine my palm, a netcam and wireless to have a teeny-tiny remote broadcast station from wherever I am... I don't like being too tethered by the usb cable.

Well, back to my code. :)
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(no subject)

Where the devil did this urge for spaghetti-ohs come from? I've not consumed them in about a decade.. at 7am, no less.... am I pregnant?

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straight dope -

Why do they call it 7-Up?

Anything had to be an improvement over the original name:

Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda. Figuring that he was going to have a problem selling a product that you needed two years of speech therapy just to be able to pronounce, soda pop mogul C. L. Grigg changed the name to 7-Up, apparently because the drink contained "seven natural flavors blended into a savory, flavory drink with a real wallop." You may wonder what the seven natural flavors were besides lemon and lime. I ain't saying. All I know is, I'm sure glad they dropped the horseradish.
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(no subject)

If you hold down both shift keys on your keyboard, only certain letters will operate. The odd thing about this though is that it's different for each keyboard.

try it!


I wonder how many variants there are, and why?
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from the memepool

I didn't realize you could get a Ph.D. in parapsychology, but it's good that as part of the curriculum you will work on discovering "new vocational niches". You could always set up a website to sell equipment all paranormal researchers need, like EMF meters, and, ahem, batteries. Maybe you could hit up the ISPR for a job later on. Me, I'm picking up an EMF meter and heading out to some spooky places, despite my lack of official qualifications. Or maybe I'll just go to Australia and apply to be a contestant on Scream Test, because I'm too old to audition for MTV's Fear. Real ghostly encounters? Some of them seem suspiciously rigged, but the show is still a great way for some paranormal investigators to make money.

Did I mention that reality Tv does nothing for me? Survivor- pooties. Adultery Island (or whatever) - drek.

Give me TLC, Discovery, the history channel, and maybe a shot of cartoons here and again.

Oh, and the lone gunman are on tonight.
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Just got out of a meeting, and something is on my mind.

I'm a little tired of hearing folks use certain terms as slurs for intolerant, mean, or non-thinking. especially when they themselves are doing the same disservice.

Here's a few.

A liberal to me is someone who is very accepting of other folks, live and let live. Not someone who gets outraged at someone having a different belief, but a tolerant person... a liberal to my mind is about as open minded as one can be.

Christian. woo. here's a big one for me. Using Christian for hatemonger or mean-spirited is about as backwards as you can get... Even if you don't buy into the JC sort of philosophy, you'd be hard pressed to say that the teaching of Jesus is a bad thing. Please, don't let the actions of a few zealots cloud your view of the whole. (That goes for everything, by the way... like calling all blacks criminals, or all men rapists... or all single white males serial killers.) When I hear my pagan pals malign someone by calling them Christian, or referring to the "Christian mentality", it's like me hearing someone called a "Nigger". (Which used to just refer to the color of someone's skin, before a bundle of hate was tossed behind it.) On a side note of religion, using Jew to refer to being cheap or worse, making a verb out of it... "Tried to Jew me down at the bake sale"... makes my ears just turn off. I simply don't want to even hear what the person has to say anymore.

wow, got so put out there, I can't even think of the other examples I was going to give.

I'll return to this thought later.

pardon my rant.