March 31st, 2001

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2 rants in 2 days?

Let me tell you a story about my landlord's girlfriend.

The Apartment I live in is a duplex... a studio built into the side of an old house... My current landlord and his girlfriend have lived in the main house for about 3 or so years now, since buying it from my prior landlord. in that span of time, Linda has caused a few problems, and is still doing so. I have my computer and AC on one breaker at the house, which is also connected to the bathroom in the main house. *every* (and I mean *every*) two to three weeks, she forgets, and uses the hair dryer in the guest bathroom, killing my air conditioning, and snuffing my computer... actually drained my UPS to the point of needing a replacement. I've told her, and David has told her each time that's she can't, but her selfish, beer-addled brain seems unable to retain the knowledge. Since I can't move the computer or air conditioner... this is really the only alternative. I'm going to ask David tonight if he can disable the plug in the bathroom.

Time for some pavlovian therapy. I think if she receive a mild electric shock every time she was inconsiderate, hmm... no, that wouldn't work... she's be electrocuted from the stacking.
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me and my bro

Going out today, from about 3:30, to about 8:30.

Maybe see little brother, and maybe do a little rpg... we'll see. :)

Be fun to whip out the d20 system, maybe play a kindly monk, cleric or druid...

Maybe catch a flick, and late luch?... *ponders Maybe a movie. I guess we'll work it out when he gets here.
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well, my supplier has come through, I rode with him to the warehouse, and showed him what bits to pick up for tonight's upgrade...

Final solution -

512 meg ram
40 gig HD
thunderbird 900 CPU with a brand new motherboard
TV card

final cost, after trading my old motherboard out - $560.

He's getting a line for me on a decent laptop, too...maybe next weekend?

planning on installing the hubbub at about 9pm tonight. shouldn't take too long.